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Clinton County real estate purchases

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This list of recent real estate purchases in Clinton County is provided by the Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Harbormail’s office and posted by news journal staff.

From Maureen A. Wells to Brandon Lee Constable, 302 Lazenby Street in Blanchester, 0.3 acres, $ 150,000.

Heather A. Hall to Gwin L. Jeans and Michael R. Olebo, Wilmington’s 168 Woodland Drive, $ 130,800.

From Deanna A. Montiel to Stephen D. Cullum, Clark Township’s 251 Greene Road, 2.7 acres, $ 240,000.

From Harriett Ann Van Pelt, Gary Wayne Van Pelt TA, Mary Allice Hibbs, Noel R. Van Pelt, Timothy K. Van Pelt to Matthew Logan Keaton and Brittani Ann Keaton, Wilmington’s 663 North Walnut Street, $ 50,000.

Susie E. Starkey to Butcher Property Group LLC, Wilmington’s North South Street 765, $ 60,000.

Cleve V. Stewart and Jeri C. Stewart Trust to Webbland Properties LLC, two US 22 / SR3 and Hale Road properties all in Adams Township, 86.5 acres, $ 622,500.

From Pamela M. and Walter T. Cross to Nelson A. Stringo and Justin Wright, 214 East Center Street and two other East Center Street properties are all in Blancchester for $ 195,000.

From Mark S. and Cynthia K. Garen to Jason N. and Toni C. Bingham, 2601 Bernard Road in Green Township, 2.1 acres, $ 300,000.

Mark A. German to Christopher David and Heather Nicole Darflinger, 1890 Clark Township Rapid Ford Road, 6.4 acres, $ 190,000.

Windsor 22 LLC from MDMProperties LLC, 140 Randolph Street in Wilmington, 0.3 acres, $ 225,000.

JMP rents LLC to Terreva Jean Barnett, 104 Linton Avenue, and one other Linton Avenue property in Clarksville for $ 45,000.

Bill D. Marine, Waldmann Keyston Inheritance Trust, Andrew R. Klepper, Martin D. Mitchener, Crystal Mitchener, Janet M. Mitchener, Richard K. Mitchener to Samantha and Zackory Adams, 1565 Gurneyville Road and one other Gurneyville Road property in Union Town Ship, total 10 acres, $ 360,000.

From Victor L. and Gloria J. Tisandier to Chiati Sandier and James Tisandier and Sandrati Sandier, Jefferson Township 2156 Chaney Road, 5 acres, $ 180,000.

Angel M.Voris from DSH & SonsProperties LLC, 282 BStreet and all 7 other BStreet properties are in Wilmington for $ 142,000.

From Robert D. and Geral L. Hedrick to Joseph G. and Danielle R. Wood, Marion Township’s 877 Fayetteville Road, 4.3 acres, $ 160,000.

Jacqueline Soete, 1381 MeadowRidgeCircle and one other MeadowRidgeCircle property from Bryan C. Moore, 0.2 acre, $ 292,022.

Marcus Alexander Stewart and Stacey Rae-Anna Nance from JAWAcquisitions LLC, 444 North Spring Street in Wilmington, $ 179,000.

Rouenwood to Jason Wall, 2936 US Route 68, Union Township, 0.8 acres, $ 165,900.

James W. Brausch, Councilor of Mikki Fassler, Wilmington’s 509 Prairie Avenue, $ 179,000.

Jacqueline Timko from Delmas King Jr. and Lynne S. King, Wilmington’s 686 Prairie Avenue, $ 65,000.

Joyce L. Peters to S. Diane Ewing, Councilor, Wilmington’s 17 Meadow Run Trail, $ 225,000.

From Thomas R. South LT to Medway-Horizon Properties LLC, Sabina’s 73 North College Street, 0.3 acres, $ 90,000.

From Ronnie Martin to Laura Eddlemon, Wilmington’s 347 North Spring Street, $ 145,000.

Deborah Ward Beard ½ interest and Eric E. Beard ½ interest is James W. Shedden, Washington Township 1212 Farmers Road, 5 acres, $ 25,000.

From Nina N. Hairfield to Mary Jo Tuller, Green Township 291 School Road, 3.1 acres, $ 140,000.

From Diane M. Lehmann to Dean Johnson Finelli and Rae Ann Finelli, Liberty Township 409 Port William Road, 2.1 acres, $ 319,000.

Mark A. and Colleen E. German from Gary Warren, 265 Northspring Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acres, $ 205,000.

VRMTG Asset Trust to Tsouthall Training and Investments Inc., 115 Cuba Avenue and one other Cuba Avenue are both in Midland, totaling 0.4 acres for $ 36,400.

Argent Securities Inc. from Noah E. Planck, 640 LytlePlace and one other LytlePlace property in Wilmington, 0.2 acres total, $ 65,000.

From Carol L. and Denest K. Thompson to Michael and Virginia Monteis, Worsington Road, Washington Township, 1874, $ 65,000.

From Young FRLT Randy C. Ribir and Dorothy R. Ribir and Taylor Skymary Brown, Clark Township 5204 Jonesboro Road, 1.1 acres, $ 15,000.

From DSH & SonsProperties LLC to Elm Companies LLC, Wilmington’s 44 A Street, $ 108,500.

From Jeanette Jones to Michael W. and Karla Lynn Collins, Blanchester’s 7773 State Route 123, 4.5 acres, $ 260,000.

Kenneth G. Patterson and Kevin W. Thomas from Wallace FRLT, 601 North Walnut Street and one other North Walnut Street property in Wilmington, totaling 0.2 acres, $ 300,000.

From Aletta Ball and Denny Elmer Harris and Amanda Harris to Emily and David L. Wiseman, New Vienna’s 258 Circle Drive, $ 104,000.

Robin R. and Larry E. Hastings from Raymond A. and Deborah S. Sarkees, 366 North Mulberry Street in Wilmington, 0.1 acre, $ 115,000.

From Britain W. Kessler to Chad and Madison Emmons, one property on Green Township 6275 State Highway 350 and another State Highway 350, located in Washington Township, totals 2 acres for $ 230,000. ..

LEK Enterprise LLC from Herschel J. Parker, 512 East Main Street in Blancchester, $ 159,000.

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