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City Receives Five Proposals for City Hall Property

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BRADENTON — At a Bradenton City Council workshop on Wednesday, members of the council received five response proposals from builders for the proposed sale and redevelopment of City Hall on valuable land on the riverfront in downtown Bradenton. received.

The current location was chosen more than 20 years ago, and city leaders faced immediate criticism for exempting such valuable land from taxation. Efforts to relocate the complex, which includes city administration, BPD headquarters and a historic auditorium, were often mentioned, but a cost-viable solution has been elusive.

City officials now say that various departments have swelled the campus and are planning to build replacement facilities for the city government and police at separate locations. At present, most commissioners appear to be in favor of locating the new City Hall facility on the southwest corner of 14th Street W and 14th Ave W, where the old BPD substation now resides, but the new It seems most likely that the police headquarters will be located across from Wawa. Location of the Old City Water Treatment Plant at US 41 and 6th Ave W.

Both locations are in somewhat run-down areas of the city center, and the construction of new urban properties is expected to be the engine for redevelopment in those areas. The new properties are estimated to cost around $40 million. $20 million is most likely due to reserves, with the city guaranteeing another $20 million.

Given City Hall’s estimated valuation of $10.46 million and bids ranging from $11 million to $15 million, the exchange could cost much more than the proceeds from the sale. Bradenton Mayor Jean Brown told city councilors to remember that, unlike a home sale, where all the value is recognized at the time of sale, the ad valorem tax revenue will be returned “permanently” when the property is sold. Said I needed to.

City Councilman Bill Sanders asked Mayor Rob Perry if any of that would be lost due to the tax cuts included in the sale, and Perry said that such tax considerations would be included in the potential sale of the property. He answered that there would be no preferential treatment for

Sanders, who has been lukewarm about the idea since it launched in the fall of 2021, said: TBT After the meeting, he said he’s not against selling the property if it’s in the best interest of taxpayers, but he’s still not convinced of the idea. The partnership would allow the city to participate in the redevelopment of the property in such a way that it could cover most or all of the costs for the new facility.

The five response bids/suggestions given to council members on Wednesday are: Click each to view a PDF of the associated proposal.


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