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City Proposes Rules for Airbnb Short-Term Rental Registry

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Airbnb’s Brian Chesky with Mayor Eric Adams (Getty)

Landlords, tenants and elected officials rarely agree, but they are united against their common enemy: illegal renting.

The city’s Special Enforcement Office has launched a series of rule Implementation of Section 18 of the Local Law requiring hosts using Airbnb and other home-sharing sites to register for short-term rentals.

The New York Realty Commission supports the proposed rule, pointing to instances where landlords have been punished for reporting tenants illegally renting out their apartments. and a list of buildings where such units are prohibited will help owners avoid liability for illegal use of the building by their tenants.

A local law enacted in January aims to track the number of short-term rentals in the city and prevent people from renting more than one such unit at a time. Establish a process for how to apply for a registration number and a list of buildings that are prohibited from short-term rental.

Those wishing to host must certify that their unit is not located in a building where the owner prohibits such rentals. A rent-regulated unit cannot apply for a short-term rental registration number.

“By establishing a list of prohibited buildings, owners and tenants must combat visitors who, in some cases, adversely affect the quality of life in their buildings through unnecessary traffic, noise, and security concerns. No more,” said Ryan Monell, vice president of REBNY. The president of government affairs said in remarks prepared for Monday’s hearing.

The landlord’s attorney, Sherwin Belkin, agreed the rule would help take short-term rentals “out of the shadows” and give owners more control over their buildings.

Several state officials and longtime nemesis of the landlord, Tennant PAC’s Michael McKee, also testified Monday in support of the rule, removing coveted housing units from the market for illegal short-term rentals. pointed out.

State law prohibits renting of residential units for less than 30 days unless a full-time resident lives with them.The register comes from law difficult to enforcethe city has eradicated A few serial criminalStarting next month, hosts will no longer be able to use the short-term rental platform without a registration number from the city. This confirms the legality of their home for rent.

Other cities have enacted similar restrictions.When Boston passed his short-term rental registration rules in 2019, Airbnb forced to remove thousands of lists.

At a virtual press conference ahead of Monday’s hearing, Airbnb’s Nathan Rottman called the rules “complicated and overly restrictive” and said they would “severely limit hosting and tourism” and “make a living out of sharing a home.” It hurts regular New Yorkers who depend on it.”

Many Airbnb hosts objected to the proposal, arguing that homeowners should be treated differently than multifamily hosts. He said he couldn’t pay the mortgage without it.

“These laws don’t hurt Airbnb,” she said. “They will hurt me and people like me.”

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