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City, developer cuts ribbon on ‘blighted’ property set for new beginnings

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Rock Hill, South Carolina (WBTV)-Today was a big day for the city of Rock Hill.

A new beginning for years of dilapidated and abandoned shopping centers will soon come.

The building is located at three points on Rock Hill, at the intersection of Albright Road, Heckle Boulevard and Saluda Street. Currently, developers are planning to knock it down and build developments aimed at helping the Southside community.

The City of Rockhill and the developers not only acknowledged the large-scale project, but also held a ribbon cut to celebrate that this is the first step towards much more development coming to the South Side.

This is part of a city south revitalization project known as the Clinton Connection Action Plan. Lots should be an anchor for what’s to come. This building looks like it has been devastated for almost 10 years.

But for the past few years, project developer Vincent James has worked on that plan.

Last month, the Rockhill City Council approved a development deal with James and put the project on track. The rendering includes a grocery store, two restaurants, and four different buildings that are centers of career and education progress. Everything that the City of Rockhill agreed on was needed in the area.

Mayor John Getty said, “Looking at private development in areas where only five or six have been built in the last three decades, it’s an important indicator of what Rock Hill can do today. You can see that there is. “

Traveling to a grocery store is not something that many find tedious. Unless you live in a food desert like Warren Moffat.

“You have to blow gas into your car and cross the town through so many lights,” Moffat said. “It’s kind of dangerous.”

Groups working with the city are set to change that. For years, the building was vacant and dilapidated, but the cutting of its ribbon is the first sign of its new life.

“If we could do this, we said the community could grow and prosper, and this side of Rock Hill could grow and prosper to the rest of Rock Hill,” said project developer Vincent James. Mr. says.

His non-profit organization, Impact Change, formerly known as COGUM Global, purchased this property. He has been pushing for years to launch and implement this plan with the help of the Rockhill City Council.

The original plan was to have affordable housing, but after discussing with community members and the city, Getis says the buildings that are now there will help the community more.

“I wanted to cry,” said former councilor Nikita Jackson. “It’s just a feeling that I can’t speak.”

In the first place, Jackson played an important role in getting this project here. She lives in this community and passes through this building on her way home.

“Whenever there is such a dilapidated building, it demoralizes the community,” Jackson said. “And we all know that we are overjoyed to know that we will bring about a new life born here in the south.”

Include community members like Moffat who are set to benefit everyone.

“It’s amazing to know that there are developments to help the South,” Moffat said.

The dismantling date of August 4 is approaching. According to the city, this will be a demo party that encourages family and community members to come out for food, music, and perhaps fireworks.

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