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Ciminelli plans to turn Bethune Lofts into condos | Business Local

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Bethoon LoftOne of the first major remodeling from a large warehouse to a mezzanine apartment will be a condo.

Ciminelli Real Estate Corp.A Buffalo-based developer who converted a former Buffalo Meter building into 87 apartments 10 years ago submitted documents to the State Attorney’s Office to convert a rental unit on 2917 Main Street into a condominium. Did.

The process, which began in February, is expected to continue for six months as state authorities review the unit’s proposed sales outlook. Until it was approved, Ciminelli could not sell the unit or discuss the offer, and spokesman Andrew Schwartz refused to comment on details other than confirming the application.

But he said the timing wasn’t a coincidence.

“It obviously makes sense now,” he said. “You see these things appearing all over the city.”

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Indeed, Ciminelli’s plans begin with the ongoing construction and conversion of condominiums in Buffalo amid changing housing markets and buyers’ desires in cities that have historically not been strong against condominiums.

Uniland Development Co. Gates Circle and Lancaster Townhouse. Ciminelli previously added a condo to the Waterfront Village. West End Town Homes.. Additional condos are planned as part of the Gates Circle Lancaster Square and Elmwood Crossing projects.

Bethune Lofts is located near Hertel Avenue, less than a block from the metro train station. There are 37 one-bedroom rooms and 50 two-bedroom rooms with four common styles and 26 floor plans.

The four-story building was completed in 1917 for the Buffalo Meter, one of the most famous manufacturers of water meters in the country in the first half of the 20th century.

The Buffalo Meter was relocated by 1970 and was purchased by the University of Buffalo in May 1971. The building has a department of arts and architecture, is part of the Department of Continuing Education, and was renamed after Louise Blanchard Bethoon, the first professional female architect. ..

UB had been vacated by 1994 and was auctioned by the state in July 2005. Ciminelli purchased it in 2010 and started redevelopment. It is also listed on both National Register of Historic Places and National Register of Historic Places.

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