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Changing housing temperature

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The housing market, which went from booming a few months ago to stagnation, now appears to be slowing down a bit. to show what is happening with the sales volume. By the way, if you want to create charts like this, you can download it for free.

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Free template download:

If you like the table below, Click here to download An Excel template to create visuals like this in your area. Just plug in the information from MLS and the template will do the math. I have included long and short tables. You might focus on a local city or zip code, or a surrounding county. Make sure you have enough meaningful data. Hope this helps.

New meme:

Dear sellers, today’s market is very different…

A meme where a car turns right at high speed.says left turn "2021 and right turn says "negotiation." Then on the car it says "2022." The idea is that today's market in which sellers have to negotiate is very different.

Trends with large volume declines:

When mortgage rates surged early in the year, it’s no surprise that buyers started pulling out of the market. And now that we’ve started selling for a few months, let’s compare the actual numbers from May to August this year with last year’s. In short, most regions easily lost 20-30% in sales, although trends weren’t the same everywhere. Note that numbers can be erratic if you don’t have a lot of sales (so think carefully about some regions).

Note: Thank you to everyone who asked questions in various areas on my social channels last week. I think I’ve reached almost everything. Feel free to ask questions as we can try to reach out to others in the comments.

Sacramento County:

Table showing May-August 2021 Sacramento County sales volume versus the same period this year (listed by city and by CDP).

Sacramento County Volume Change Table May-June 2022 (Nearby Neighborhoods and Some ZIP Codes)

Placer County:

Table showing this year's Placer County volume compared to last year (May-August)

El Dorado County:

Table showing last year's Eldorado County volume compared to this year (May-August)

Yolo County:

Table showing Yolo County sales from May to August (comparing last year and this year)

Need time to see trends:

As time goes on, it will become clear how different price points and locations are performing in today’s market. I hope it gives you some clues about the different price points of the.

Is the market starting to level off?

Since June, the number of new listings in the Sacramento area has declined, giving buyers and sellers a little more room to adapt. Instead of showing the really drastic changes we saw in May-June, it seems like some statistics are starting to level out a bit these days. In other words, A sharp decline does not show up in monthly numbersFor example, the number of pending contracts has flattened out somewhat over the past month or so, rather than dropping sharply from May to June. Sure, it’s still pretty down from last year, but the rate of change from May to June he didn’t sustain in August. Also, price reductions have been somewhat flat over the past few weeks. That means half of the active stocks are down, making it a clear high market. All I’m saying is that it looks like price cut growth is starting to slow down or level off. Ultimately, you need time to identify the trend, so keep watching. Note that not all stats are flat. Just saying that some of them look flattened. And finally, if interest rates spike in the coming weeks, all bets are off as dynamics could change…

Let’s keep an eye on it.

Market statistics: Stay tuned as we will be releasing more market stats on our social channels this week. twitter, Instagram, LinkedInWhen Facebook.

Thank you for being here.

question: What stands out to you the most? Is there a difference in the market depending on price range or location? I would like to hear your opinion.

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