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Callahan couple devastated, discovered dream home was listed on Zillow without their consent

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Callahan, Hula. – Callahan’s couple was shocked to find that their property was unknowingly listed on Zillow when realtors came to their homes and started taking pictures.

Susan and Chris Jones said a person disguised as a real estate agent posted the property and refused to withdraw it unless they paid him.

The couple recently moved to a nearly three-acre home in Callahan.

“I’m 50 this year. This was our dream property,” said Chris Jones.

Everything was fine until they were put in the midst of fraud.

Local realtor Jonathan Dorty said he has always seen such incidents. He said it happened to his neighbor.

“They have 1.2 million lots. One day they saw Zillow and it went on sale for 285,000,” said Daugherty.

He said there have been 10-11 fraud cases in the last 10 years, some of which have been posted to Zillow.

Jones says they feel violated after learning that their property is listed on Zillow by scammers.


“My husband is looking out the window and someone is taking a picture of our property,” said Susan Jones. She said, “She had a potential interest in buying a property, so she wanted to check the property.”

Next, the realtor showed Jones a list of Zillow properties. It was selling 1.2 acres of land for 45,000. The post also stated that the property was sold by the owner.

They learned that the post had been going on for 30 days.

Susan Jones called the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office, but said she couldn’t do anything because it wasn’t considered a fraud unless the money was exchanged.

Susan then decided to see if she could catch the scammer herself.

“I have a contract they sent me. I used disinformation. I called all the references about their contract and confirmed that they were valid. These People were fine, “Jones said.

News4JAX also called the National Association of Realtors member’s card number — this was a fake Google Voice number.


There was a real estate owner’s number on Zillow’s list, but it wasn’t Jones’ number. It was a scammer.

“When she was talking to that person on the phone, I helped her calm down, but I wrote down everything they were saying,” said Chris Jones. “They asked me for $ 500, so I’ll stop showing you your property.”

Jones eventually called Zillow’s headquarters and the post was removed from the site two days later.

Daugherty said there are clues that can be used to find out if the property list is legal or fraudulent.

First, does it seem too good to be true? Isn’t the description too cheap? Next, Daugherty recommends paying attention to the image, as when you copy and paste the image, the emblem will appear at the bottom.

Daugherty also states that people can search for realtors on the Florida Business and Professional Regulatory Authority website.

Within the last few years, these real estate scams have become more prominent thanks to the internet. Daugherty always recommends using a real estate agent, especially before looking for a home online.


“Everyone will trust it because it’s the internet. You’ll be handed thousands of dollars in cash and you won’t even question if I’m the owner of the property. This is horrifying,” Doherty said. Mr. says.

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