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California 480-square-foot home sells for well over $800k

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480 sq ft house oakland, californiawith only one bathroom and no bedrooms, could be a lucky buyer at a whopping $849,000.

This home in the Dimond District sits on 0.20 acres at 3800 Whittle Avenue in the Oakland Hills and is likely to sell for more than the asking price due to its location rather than its size.

A 480-square-foot home on Whittle Avenue in Oakland, California is listed for $849,000. Photo credit: Redfin (redfin)

Breaking it down, the cost per square foot is approximately $1,769.

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David Eckert Caldwell Banker Realty You listed the property and stated that the value of the property was in the house with the land and utilities.

“This property has considerable advantages,” writes Eckert. “The existing structure will give access to all utilities, and occupancy will avoid Auckland’s expensive vacant land tax, increasing upside potential.”

Above View Whittle Home

View over 3800 Whittle Avenue in Oakland, California. Photo credit: Redfin

He also writes that many apartment buildings are located around this lot.

according to Redfin.comthe house was built in 1914.

living room whittle avenue

Living Room 3800 Whittle Ave, Auckland. Photo credit: Redfin

The house has a total of two rooms, and the structure sits on a crawlspace foundation.

The house is connected to public water and sewage and has wall furnace heating.

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It’s been on the market for 30 days and has a list price of $849,000, while Redfin estimates it at $854,268.

Based on a 20% down payment of $169,800 and a 30-year loan of 7.259%, the monthly payments are estimated at $4,591. Adding homeowners insurance and property taxes, Redfin estimates the monthly payments to be $5,632.


Redfin notes that home prices in the Auckland area fell 3.1% in September compared to last year. The median home price in the region is $873,000, and homes are on the market an average of 24 days more, compared to 15 days in 2021.

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