Home News Business owner feels threatened after disturbing video shows strangers trespassing on property – WSOC TV

Business owner feels threatened after disturbing video shows strangers trespassing on property – WSOC TV

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Business owners feel threatened after disturbing videos show strangers invading property

Charlotte — The West End business owner is appealing for action after a stranger comes to his front door, yells at his property, and says he’s making a scene.

“Open the door. It’s me. Can’t you see? Hello”, you can hear someone saying in one of the many videos taken with the doorbell camera.

Michael Hopkins said he stopped the problem because he wasn’t doing anything, so he contacted Channel 9.

In one video from his doorbell camera, you can see a complete stranger walking across the last stop of the Gold Line to the front door of his office on Beatty’s Ford Road.

Another video from his back door shows a man walking and starting to urinate on the pouch. Another man sat on the front porch and used it as a meeting place. A few minutes later, he was seen running to catch the tram.

“Crazy things are happening all the time,” Hopkins said.

It’s crazy like a guy sitting on the back pouch in the video, unzipping his pants and seeing himself exposed. Hopkins confronted the man a few seconds later.

“You’re trespassing. You’re not allowed to be here. You can start right now,” Hopkins can bother.

Whenever someone appears, Hopkins receives a notification from the doorbell camera. He also started an Instagram account to post videos.

“It’s always a safety concern,” he said.

Tram passengers must get off at the Beatty’s Ford Road stop. Hopkins said he was a fan of the Gold Line, but blames it for trespassing his property.

“It’s free to ride. This is great for the community, but many are homeless and many just take the tram,” he said. “We usually have to keep the doors locked all day to avoid, but just because random people come in.”

Hopkins contacted the city and the Charlotte Area Transit System, which operates the Gold Line. He also said he would call the police about once a week for the incident.

“Nothing helped and I don’t think it will change until they start billing the fare,” Hopkins said.

Meanwhile, he’s tired and begging the city to do something.

Channel 9 contacted CATS and asked about the situation and if they did anything else based on Hopkin’s complaint. There are no replies at this time.

In January, CATS extended its free fare service on the Gold Line. At that time, they said it would continue to be free until better staffing and more reliable service.

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