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Brokers Are Joining Social Clubs

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When the agent reached out to Living New York co-founder and principal Devin Someck to ask if he could spend part of his social club membership on the company, Someck wasn’t sure.

However, after reviewing the request, Someck realized he was considering membership.

“[Clubs are] It’s a great opportunity for agents to meet not only clients, but also developers, owners and like-minded people, and have a great time while expanding their canvas and growing their business,” Someck said.

The arrival of Soho House in the Meatpacking District in 2003 established a new hospitality model for white-collar and cultural elites to work, socialize and stay among a select group of peers. Over a dozen membership clubs At least nine stores have opened in Manhattan in the past three years, The Wall Street Journal reported in January, pointing to the location as an upscale option for remote workers.

For those in the real estate world, these clubs provide networking hotspots and meeting hubs with elite prospects, where they can flex their prestige.

Anna Chorbadzhiev, an agent at Keller Williams New York City who is affiliated with Zero Bond and is considering joining, said, “People in these clubs have a certain net worth, so there is always a direct or indirect I am very involved in the world of real estate,” said Aman Club and Casa Cipriani. “It’s a very favorable environment for the real estate business.”

Which one is the problem?

For Brandon Charnas, co-founder of Current Real Estate Advisors, the answer was simple. His company arranged his NoHo lease for his Zero Bond. A workspace by day, a bar and restaurant by night, and Mayor Eric Adams is a regular visitor. After Charnas helped secure a liquor license and approval for the 0 Bond Street change of address, he was well placed to participate personally.

Charnas and most of his team are now members of the club. $3,500 for regular members Annually, after a $1,000 joining fee. Admission is slightly cheaper for under 28s and higher for over 45s.

“I didn’t think I could go somewhere else to go out for a drink with a client or have a meeting outside the office,” says Charnas.

Keller Williams New York City agent Wynson Ng was in several social clubs. Parlor eventually closed the physical location and merged with his Magnises and Select of Omar’s convicted fraudster Billy McFarland. He is currently not affiliated with any club, but is considering joining Ludlow House.

“You meet these people at these membership clubs and the relationship starts out as something of a friendship. and they feel comfortable,” Ng said.

From left: Zero Bond, Core Club, Casa Cipriani, Soho House

From left: Zero Bond, Core Club, Casa Cipriani, Soho House (Zero Bond, Casa Cipriani, Core Club, Soho House)

Living New York agent Kobi Lahav said he had considered joining the Core Club but was delayed because of it. Moved to 711 Fifth AvenueHe said it will likely go through an application process once it lands in its new home.

For brokers, social clubs are not only a great place to network within the industry, but they are also ideal for hosting clients.

Rahab compared being in a social club to having a Rolex on her wrist. After all, belonging to an institution means being interviewed and vetted by an elite club.

“We give our clients the peace of mind that they are part of a prestigious social club,” says Lahav.

Compass agent and Soho House member Philip Salem travels to New York City two to three times a week and to New York City once a month, attending various events such as magic shows and concerts. He said he was at a branch. Interacting with other members and his guests about real estate is just a perk.

“It’s a comfortable environment to talk about things,” Salem said. “People feel more connected to you because you brought them into that house.”

Bond agent Ray Urchi joined Club Makanudo, a cigar club, primarily out of a love of cigars, but said membership has since evolved into an opportunity to network with wealthy Upper East Side residents. I got

The club is also where he celebrates his dealings with clients, some of whom he presents with a box of cigars as a closing gift.

“It’s better than taking someone to a restaurant. [them] Everyone knows your name when you walk into the club,” said Urchi.

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