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Boutique condos in D.C.’s Columbia Heights offer charm, location

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Urban life appealed to new homeowner Dennis Baltuskonis.

The 32-year-old rented in the Arlington area of ​​Clarendon and was actively considering buying for about a month, narrowing her search to one-bedroom units. She had already lost one deal in her bidding war.

Then she found a building in 1435 Clifton St. NW, Washington, DC. This is a Nagaya converted into an 8-unit condominium. I have selected all the check boxes.

Baltuskonis chose a one-bedroom unit in front of the building because of the natural light coming in through the south-facing bay windows. She said her Arlington apartment was out of direct sunlight from November to mid-March.

“It really affected my mood and energy levels,” she said. “I knew that good light was important no matter where I bought it.”

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Baltuskonis also said he likes the amount of storage included in the floor plan. “Compassionate storage,” she said. “Many of the units I saw seemed to be really lacking.”

Five units are sold at 1435 Clifton St. NW and are priced from 535 to 1,275 square feet in the range of $ 425,000 to $ 815,000. All but one of the available units have one bedroom and one bathroom. The other available unit is the penthouse (one of the two in the building), which has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a roof deck. Some other units have their own outdoor space. Two parking spaces are available for $ 40,000 each. There are no shared amenities in the building.

The move-in is scheduled to start in early June.

For Baltuskonis, the location of Columbia Heights was another plus.

“I really like this particular building between Columbia Heights and U Street Metro Stations, which makes it convenient for all restaurants, bars, stores, and Meridian Hill-Malcolm X Park in both areas. . “

She added: “But most importantly, Trader Joe’s is within walking distance. I have some friends living nearby. I’m looking forward to not having to drive to meet them.”

D’Ann Lanning, head of the Compass-affiliated sales team, said the combination of traditional charm and modern convenience helped close the deal.

“Buyers love all the extra touches of bare bricks, sturdy slab backsplash, LEDs and more. [recessed ceiling] All the details of the downlights and bathrooms, “says Lanning.

Columbia Heights is adjacent to 16 Street Heights to the north and U Street Corridor to the south. Park View and Pleasant Plains are in the east, and Adams Morgan and Mount Pleasant are in the west.

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Columbia Heights Subway Station has been in operation since 1999, spurring decades of redevelopment in the neighborhood, including the renovation of the landmark Tivoli Theater building and the opening of the DC USA shopping mall.

Meridian Hill Park, also known as Malcolm X Park, is the property of the 12-acre National Park Authority and is an important community asset with lawns, shaded walkways, statues and fountains with spectacular waterfalls.

school: Marie Reed Elementary, Columbia Heights Education Campus (Middle), Cardozo Education Campus (High).

Transit: Columbia Heights Subway Station is about 800m north. U Street Subway Station is just over 800 meters south. Both are on the green and yellow lines. Buses 52 and 54 run on 14th Avenue. H2 and H4 on Columbia Road. U Street 90 and 92.

shortly: Meridian Hill Park, Girard Street Park, U Street Corridor, DC USA Mall, Howard University

1435 Clifton Street Northwest, Washington DC

The building has eight units, five of which are still available at prices ranging from $ 425,000 to $ 815,000.

Characteristic: Bare bricks, hardwood floors, Blomberg appliances

Bedroom / bathroom: 1 or 2/1 or 2

area: 535 to 1,275

Condominium fee: $ 165 to $ 314

View model:Book anytime, [email protected]

amount of sales:Compass Trent & Co., [email protected]

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