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Boulder mansion lists for nearly $20M, well above city’s record

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The 8,285-square-foot main home has four bedrooms. ((((Photo courtesy of AT media).

The recent Boulder Home List aims to set a city record.

The 10,169-square-foot property on Boulder’s 835 Juniper Avenue went on sale on June 28 for $ 1990 million.

According to Compass-Boulder’s listing agent Lucy Conklin, the existing record sale of Boulder’s home was set in 2017 by an off-market $ 13 million deal on Fourth Avenue, not far from the new listing.

Boulder list kitchen scaling

The ceiling of the kitchen is made of pillars, which are also used for the outer walls of the house.

The second most expensive, according to MLS, was the sale of a four-acre 8,218-square-foot home on 3840 Pleasant Ridge Road for $ 8.1 million in 2018.

The custom home on 835 Juniper Avenue was designed by architects Annette Martin and Lisa Eger and built by Sugar Loaf in 2012. Seller Christopher Foreman and his ex-wife Laura Makein For Aman purchased 1.23 acres of real estate for $ 1.9 million in 2010. Property record.

According to Conklin, the value of the two adjacent parcels of the property is currently around $ 7 million, based on nearby similar parcels sold for $ 5 million and $ 6 million.

Scaled outer boulder list

Accommodation includes a carriage house with guest apartments and a pool house with offices.

“Construction costs after discussing with the builders will be about $ 12.5 million to $ 14 million today,” Conklin said. “All three structures have regenerated wooden siding and metal roofs. There is an incredible hardscape with sandstone that matches the book throughout the exterior.”

According to LinkedIn, Foreman is president of Moonbeam Investment Corporation, a real estate investment company. Moonbeam has built a Trailhead community with 23 detached homes at the intersection of Boulder’s 4th Street and Dewey Avenue. According to LinkedIn, McCain-Foreman is the owner of the jewelry design company Studio Manifesta.

“Sellers have bought this land to raise their children for the past decade before they went to college and graduated,” Conklin said. “He visits so that children and family can have this wonderful experience together, and also he can work outside the house and friends and family do not feel like they are on top of each other. I made it to create a space where I could. “

Boulder list living room scaling

According to listing agent Lucy Conklin, sellers call this the “Four Seasons” room.

The Boulder property has an 8,285-square-foot main home with four bedrooms, a cinema, a wine cellar, a yoga studio, a sauna, and three limestone fireplaces. There are also two great rooms, two kitchens, a sunroom and an 11-foot-high ceiling.

Outside, there is a 12-foot-deep saltwater pool and courtyard with hot tubs, a poolhouse with offices, and a 2,496-square-foot carriage house with guest apartments above a garage of four cars.

“Find this kind of land elsewhere in Boulder County and do your best, and it will take at least three years to actually create what he created,” says Conklin. “There are irreplaceable factors, but Boulder has never seen $ 25 million in sales, so sellers didn’t want to sell more than $ 20 million. That $ 5 million parcel. You can buy and build a $ 10 million house on it, but you can’t create this incredibly private and elaborate compound. “

Boulder's house listed for $ 20 million

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