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Blackstone Starts Crackdown On Nonpaying Residential Tenants, Evicting Hundreds

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One of the largest landlords in the country was clearly playing better than many others. Corporate rental owner I have been in debt to my tenants for the past year, but not anymore.

black stone and its subsidiaries have begun the process of evicting rent arrears from apartment complexes. detached house rental Last Year’s Properties and Expectations Increased evictions this year, The Financial Times reported.

The private equity giant cited them eviction We consider the plan as a predictor of rental growth across the portfolio at a time when economic factors could create downward pressure on rents.

“Today, above ground, we are seeing 5% rent growth. Co-Head of Global Real Estate at Blackstone Nadeem Megzi In a conference call with employees on December 5, he said: insider report“We also see a significant increase in economic occupancy as we move past the voluntary eviction restrictions that have been in place for the last few years.”

Meghji’s comments came at a time when controversy suddenly began when Blackstone hit hard. Restrictions on redemption That Non-Trading REITs, Blackstone Real Estate Income Trust, December 1. executing redemption requests in funds that compete with Blackstone; Starwood Real Estate Income Trustboth cause limit withdrawals.

as a scrutiny of the surroundings Bright and similar funds, so has increased attention to internal reporting on the value and expected cash flows of Blackstone’s portfolio.Ah $4 billion injection from the beginning of the year UC Investmentsthe investment arm of the University of California System promised a return of 11.25%.

Evicting unpaid tenants and replacing them with higher rents certainly helps boost earnings, but the sheer size of Blackstone’s portfolio suggests that a more aggressive policy against evictions could be a sign of housing insecurity. It means that it could cause an increase. As Blackstone completed its multi-billion dollar portfolio, it weathered the pandemic and grew exponentially Acquisitions and mergers.

Among those acquisitions were a huge portfolio students affordable housingBoth will see rent growth in the “high single digits” this year, according to Meggi, Insider reports.

City councilors in Escondido, Calif., said they had threatened to evict tenants for delinquency on affordable housing complexes Blackstone bought from the city’s nonprofit for $1 billion, according to the FT. rice field.

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