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Billionaire Gap Heir Buys Historic Los Angeles House – DIRT

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These days, Brentwood is well known for its flashy new mansions and flashy celebrity dwellers. Travis Scott, Arnold Schwarzenegger When Lebron JamesHowever, the area still has a lot of historical charm — if you know where to look. Witness this magnificent Spanish Colonial Revival Estate. It has a history of almost 100 years and is still well preserved. Built in 1927, the vast house is known as Milton Sills Residence in honor of El Sueno, or more commonly the first resident of the 1920s Hollywood film actors. Milton Sills (“Sea Hawk”). In addition to his acting, Sills was one of the first founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

According to archived records, the property was designed by a Hollywood stage artist Stephen Gooson, A good friend of Sills. Gooson is also probably one of the only Academy Award-winning architects. In the 1937 Oscar, he brought back the Best Art Award trophy for Streamline Moderne’s set design for the movie Lost Horizon.

Sills, whose mother was the heir to millions of banks, lived in El Sueno with his wife, a silent film actress. Doris KenyonAccording to 1930 census data, in addition to the couple’s young son and Kenion’s elderly mother, five home-based household members (two full-time gardeners, one Finnish cook, and one butler, Secretary). At the time, Brentwood’s real estate was valued at $ 300,000, but at the time it was a huge sum.

Unfortunately, Sills hasn’t enjoyed his extravagant lifestyle for a long time. In late 1930, a Chicago native died on El Sueno’s tennis court after a sudden heart attack, just three years after the house was completed. Over the last 90 years, the property has changed his hand only a handful of times. The recent sale took place in the late 1950s when renowned child psychiatrist Evis Coda and his wife Rosemary bought the house.

Koda raises 13 children in El Sueno and the whole family Taken at the accommodation 1970s LA Times article. After her 60 years of residence, Rosemary died in her home in 2019. Evis Passed the following yearAt the age of 100.

The house was never listed, but 13 children (and 23 grandchildren!) Brought El Sueno to the pocket list.It was immediately sold to a local businessman for $ 11.5 million Samuel Fisher.. Fisher, a managing partner of his family’s investment firm and a USC graduate, is also the grandson of the billionaire. Doris Fisher The son of his late husband Don and Billionaire, who founded the Gap apparel chain in 1969. Bill Fisher..

If you’re a wise real estate watcher and Fisher’s name sounds vaguely familiar, it’s probably because the family has set up their long-standing main residence. Was put up for sale last yearRequest $ 100 million. Located in the wealthy Silicon Valley town of Atherton, California, the eight-acre site is easily ranked as the most expensive home in the city ever sold, if sold at a price close to the asking price. (The vast land is still available.)

Matthew O’Keefe The compass kept a list of Brentwood. Josh Flag Rodeo Realty buyers were in charge.

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