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Big section of Vietnamese plaza in San Jose lands Bay Area buyer

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San Jose — Most of the famous Vietnam Town commercial centers near downtown San Jose have been acquired by the Bay Area real estate investment group.

Investors have paid $ 20 million for the 939 Story Road building, which is part of Vietnam Town, the heart of San Jose’s shops, restaurants and offices. This is a document submitted to the Santa Clara County Recorders Office Show on June 22nd.

According to state and county official documents, the building was purchased by San Francisco Diversified Properties, which is affiliated with Northeast Medical Services. Northeast Medical Services is headquartered in San Francisco and Daily City.

According to the county’s public records, the buyer bought the building in full cash.

The building is located in the northwestern part of Vietnam Town, a well-known commercial facility in the Little Saigon district of San Jose, near the corner of McLaughlin Avenue and Story Road. Vietnam Town has addresses from 909 to 999 Story Road in San Jose.

According to county records, VietnamTownProperty has sold the building to San Francisco Diversified Properties.

The total number of buildings just purchased is 44,900 square feet, as shown by the list posted on the LoopNet commercial facility site.

The seller initially purchased the entire site of Vietnam Town in 2014 following the bankruptcy of the former owner of the commercial center and the foreclosure of a real estate loan.

Since Vietnam Town Property purchased the entire center, the company has sold a number of small commercial condominiums that make up the complex.

The small site was marketed to merchants who prefer to own an office rather than lease it. These sites were also sold to real estate investors who wanted to own a small property.

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