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Big San Jose hotel could be revamped and gain rooms via a remodeling

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San Jose — San Jose’s big hotels could head for a wide-ranging remodel that adds more rooms to their accommodations and refreshes public spaces like lobbies and restaurants.

The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, a 505-room property in North San Jose, is planning a major upgrade, according to documents filed with city planners.

The hotel is operated and managed by a unit of renowned accommodation giant Hilton Worldwide. The hotel grounds and the land below are owned by an affiliate of Park Hotel & Resorts, a real estate company.

Hilton spokesperson Michelle Myers said: “There are some preliminary discussions regarding hotel enhancements.”

The proposal is very tentative and was submitted primarily to assess the response of city officials to the hotel’s planned renovations. As such, the hotel’s final plans may differ from those currently registered.

According to the tentative proposal, “the hotel’s public areas, including registration, lobbies, restaurants, bars, conference spaces, fitness centers and concierge lounges” will be part of the upgrade.

The number of guest rooms will increase from the current 505 to 515.

Multiple changes will occur to existing spaces to accommodate the proposed increase in number of rooms.

The existing 3 meeting rooms and 1 meeting room will be converted into 5 rooms. The fitness center on the 2nd floor is converted into 3 guest rooms. The Presidential Suite on the 9th floor is converted into a King Suite and a Junior Suite, netting him one more room. The office on the first floor has been remodeled into a guest room.

The nature of the renovations could offer insight into how hoteliers are viewing the lodging sector in business- and tech-oriented markets such as Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, affected by the coronavirus. I have.

The economic turmoil caused by COVID-19 has shocked the hotel market, crushing demand for accommodation for business meetings and conventions.

“This move speaks to how Hilton sees demand for meeting space,” said Alan Ray, president of Atlas Hospitality Group, which tracks the hotel division in California. “They seem to think this demand is declining.”

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