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Better Business Bureau revokes Plano realty firm’s accreditation, cites misleading reviews

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North Central Texas Better Business Authority revoked certification OmniKey Realty, a Plano-based property management company, The agency said it received reviews of the company that were believed to have been left by employees rather than customers.

The agency asked OmniKey about its September review and warned that further violations of its standards could result in suspension of the company’s accreditation, the agency said in a news release last week. It is against the Department’s standards for a company employee to submit what appears to be a customer review. According to the BBB, the questionable review said he appeared to be on hiatus for six months, but then resumed in March.

OmniKey’s general counsel, David Kane, said the reviews were either left by employees on behalf of tenants or reviews of employees’ experiences working for the company.

“The reviews may not have qualified, but[they]were all true and honest,” he said in an email.

Company leaders were unaware of the review before leaving. Kane said he did not promote the practice and took steps to stop it after the agency’s warning. Two reviews were left by new hires in March and were later reprimanded, he said.

He said company executives tried to show the bureau that the review was legitimate, but were not given the opportunity to formally present the information.

OmniKey plans to get certified again, Kane said.

Better Business Bureau spokeswoman Monica Horton said in an email that the bureau “has ample evidence that the review was fake.”

Secretariat policy allows you to choose not to post a review, she wrote. This includes reviews written by people associated with the business or those who have been incentivized or compensated to write reviews. , or otherwise abuse to mislead customers about their sponsorship, endorsement, popularity, reliability, product quality, or business scale.

OmniKey appealed the agency’s decision to revoke its accreditation, but the BBB standards committee denied the appeal, she writes.

Horton said companies rarely lose accreditation for false reviews. The agency revoked 47 companies’ certifications last year, most for failing to respond to complaints, and only one fake review.

The Federal Trade Commission guidelines For businesses on customer reviews, the agency noted in a news release. This includes not soliciting reviews only from people you think will leave good reviews, not incentivizing good reviews as a condition, and not discouraging or discouraging customers from leaving negative reviews. It is included.

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