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BeltLine: Southside Trail construction to start in a matter of weeks

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If you haven’t already visited the sturdy but convenient Atlanta Beltline Corridor just south of Glenwood Park, it looks like the construction work that will keep the corridor off-limits is finally really on the horizon, so it’s time to visit. It is recommended that you leave time for

The unpaved Southside Trail section (segments 4 and 5) between Glenwood Avenue and Boulevard has transitioned to shovel preparation.According to the latest construction of the Beltline updatealso completed brownfield restoration work in the area.

This means that an invitation to contractors to bid on the project in hopes of securing work has the green light and is expected to be released in mid-August.

BeltLine officials expect to select a contractor and begin part of this highly anticipated loop in late October or early November. (BeltLine says work to relocate the fiber lines in the corridor continues but is expected to be completed before construction begins.)

The 1.2-mile project scope includes rebuilding the United Avenue Bridge. This is a terribly annoying gap in the hallway, especially for cyclists.

When segments 4 and 5 open, Beltline users will be able to travel on a continuous paved, protected, multi-use trail from Piedmont Park to the main thoroughfare south of the Atlanta Zoo. (It also connects the neighborhoods of Grant Park, Ormewood Park, and Boulevard Heights.)

Breakdown of existing and upcoming Southside Trail segments. Atlanta Beltline, Inc.

This equates to roughly five miles of the beltline east and south of town, with only six flat intersections along the route.

A gap of 1.9 miles (segments 2 and 3) remains between the paved sections of the Southside Trail just south of downtown.

At the last check, Beltline officials estimated that construction would take about a year after segments 4 and 5 broke ground.

Framing in progress at Argos Apartments as seen from the Bern Street Bridge over the Southside Trail in June. Josh Green/Urbanize Atlanta

Notable developments under construction along its corridor include: Argos Apartments (194 units) and 1015 Boulevard SE Grant Park project (323 units and retail), 2 project By TPA Residential on Boulevard Heights (503 total apartments plus approximately 7,500 square feet of retail).

In other words, this is over 1,000 rentals and 12,000 square feet of retail in various states of construction directly on or within walking distance of the Southside trail segment in question.

Rising BeltLine Project Inc Honors Bagel Shop, Replacing Jim (Urbanization of Atlanta)

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