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BeltLine picks specific route for tricky Buckhead segment

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For the first time in the history of the project, the Atlanta Beltline identified the specific route required to complete the entire 22-mile loop around the city.

At a public meeting Tuesday, BeltLine and PATH Foundation officials unveiled a complete, prioritized adjustment to the future missing portion of Buckhead’s multi-purpose path system, collectively known as the Northwest Trail.

Consisting of five unconstructed sections, the Northwest Trail eventually spans 4.3 miles (4.3 miles) and follows the Westside Trail of the Beltline to Lindbergh/uptown range.

Until this week, exactly where Segment 2—the section across Peachtree Road near Piedmont Hospital—was to be built remained the only question mark.

Official route of the Northwest Trail that connects the Lindbergh/Uptown area to Atlanta’s Westside. Courtesy of Atlanta Beltline

A preferred route, known as Corridor 6, runs along Peachtree Park Drive and Bennett Street, looping the historic business district onto the Beltline route. Beltline officials said this option had the most community support among those who live and work in the area.

The decision was made after outside consultants brought in by the PATH Foundation and Atlanta BeltLine Inc. conducted an economic impact study and study of the Bennett Street business district, BeltLine officials said.

A trail between the Bennett Street business district and the Georgia Power Substation will replace above-ground parking, Beltline officials said. Courtesy of Atlanta Beltline

Ratings are based on “feasibility of property acquisition and ease of construction,” as well as “quality of trail user experience, fairness, and community feedback, taking into account long-term benefits to surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.” Emphasis. Beltline announcement today.

Segment 2 is a link connecting the Peachtree Park Apartments to the east and the existing North Side Trail that runs alongside the Bobby Jones Golf Course, where the PATH Trail loops around the course. The eastern section of the Northwest Trail spans a total of 1.5 miles.

A projection of the Northwest Trail near Peachtree Park Apartments. Courtesy of Atlanta Beltline

The next step is to follow the Beltline and move all unbuilt sections of the Northwest Trail into the design and engineering phase. It’s called one of the more complex sections of the trail because it doesn’t have an abandoned railway corridor to build a multi-use path.

A timeline for construction and completion of the Northwest Trail has not been specified.

Courtesy of Atlanta Beltline

The other two options for Segment 2 (corridors 5 and 7) are not entirely out of consideration, but should the designers encounter unexpected obstacles on the route announced this week. please give me. For example, it remains to be determined how the trail will traverse Peachtree Road.

Funding for the Northwest Trail will come from tax revenues from the Beltline Tax Distribution District, special service districts approved by the city last year, and charitable donations including $30 million. Cox Foundation announced in May.

Beltline president and CEO Clyde Higgs said in a press release that for the first time the agency has a “clear path for the entire 22-mile loop” and that the circle will be completed. Atlanta said the city is “one step closer to building a more urban, equitable and inclusive Atlanta.” ”

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