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Beachfront Queensland Mansion With Drive-In Foyer Lists for A$6.8 million

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Australia’s contemporary waterfront mega-mansion with drive-in foyer, lionfish-rich seawater aquarium, and direct access to the beach hit the market on Monday for a guide price of A $ 6.8 million (US $ 4.67 million).

Located in Kewarra Beach, Australia, part of Queensland’s northern Cairns beach area, the home is one of the most expensive homes in the region, according to Barbara Ulberridge, a list agent at Sotheby’s International Realty, Queensland. It is expected to set a record.

“Highest selling price [in the region] Is A $ 6.5 million and is expected to exceed that price with the sale of Astoria House, which has a price guide of A $ 6.8 million, “she said in an email. “We look forward to establishing new benchmark sales in the region, given the buyer interests we have received so far.”

Designed by Los Angeles-based architect Andy Hall, the more than 11,300-square-foot residence was commissioned by restaurant entrepreneur Alistair Paton and his wife Theresa to complete in 2018. Record on PropTrack.

The glass and steel house was designed to maximize the view of the Double Island and the Great Barrier Reef beyond. In fact, according to Paton, it has the largest glass window in the Southern Hemisphere and is made of bulletproof glass. The couple also installed a range of impressive amenities, including a foyer that boasts a drive-in feature and space to display a collection of cars.

“people [are] I was immediately surprised when they walked through the front door and saw a huge steel and glass curtain wall, “Patton said in an email. “Everyone is wondering how it was built, how long it took, and how we delivered the material to the construction site. They also have an internal Ducati. I love the walls of the vast art gallery, and the vintage Alfa Romeo we parked inside. “

The saltwater aquarium is another highlight.

“There are lionfish, epaulette sharks, stonefish, picasso triggerfish, and dog-faced puffer fish,” continued Paton. “I wanted an aquarium with blue-ringed octopus and leopard sharks, but it was wisely relieved because young children enjoyed feeding the fish.”

The house has five bedrooms, two of which are “like a small house in their own right,” Paton said in an email. “I love oversized balconies. In winter I sleep with the balcony doors open. It’s great to see the stars at night, fall asleep in the sound of the waves and then wake up to the beach views in the morning. How to start the day! “

Other amenities include a soundproof office, solar panels, a concert-grade sound system “suitable for hosting a Rolling Stones concert or solo violinist”, and an outdoor entertainment area with a pool and sports field. The house also has direct access to the paved walking trails that stretch along the beach and the Coral Seeds coastline.

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