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Bath & Body Works moving, Sidell’s Bakery plans to close and Pappo’s may reopen; property manager at Town Center optimistic about future

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Editor’s Note: Jim May, franchise owner of Pappo’s Pizzeria and Pub, told Muddy River News Wednesday morning that the restaurant plans to reopen at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 29.

QUINCY — store in Quincy Town Center Closed for nearly 25 years.

Restaurants that have been open since 2017 will not reopen in 2023.

Another recently closed restaurant in the town center may reopen or relocate.

But Quincy Town Center property manager Mike Jenkins remains optimistic about the future of this property on Quincy’s eastern edge, calling it “the gold standard of Quincy commercial real estate.”

The gates in front of Bath & Body Works were closed for the last time on Sunday. The store’s Facebook page indicates the store is closed. A sign posted in front of the store states that the business will be relocating to Quincy’s Prairie Crossing shopping center next to Buff City Soap, with his first business day at the new location being Oct. 7.

Attempts to contact the Media Relations Department of Bath & Body Works, Inc. on Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Bath & Body Works has been located in Quincy Town Center, formerly known as Quincy Mall, since 1998. The chain of retail stores selling soaps, lotions, fragrances and candles was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio.

Petco, a retailer of food, products and services for pets and certain types of small live animals, also moved from Quincy Town Center to Prairie Crossing in June.

Bakery closure is ‘the natural course of our business’

Sidell’s Bakery, near the entrance to Slumberland, announced on its website that the last day at the town center would be December 23rd. Nicole and Jonathan Seidel opened a restaurant specializing in gourmet paninis and baked goods in the summer of 2017.

“This is the natural course of our business,” John Seidel said in a telephone interview.

Papo’s Pizzeria and Pub Last month, we announced that we would not be reopening our Town Center stores. Franchise owner Jim May told Muddy River News The decision was made because the lease could not be renegotiated at the time and it was difficult to find kitchen staff.

However, the restaurant did provide an update on its Facebook page on Sunday. “Stay tuned for some exciting news about our Quincy location,” the post read.

Another post on their Facebook page read, “Pappo’s is hiring! We pay a lot of money for Rockstar team members. Every shift, every position.”

In a text chat with Muddy River News on Tuesday night, May said he was looking to reopen Pappo’s in the town center “for the time being until we move.” He didn’t provide a timeline.

“Due to the overwhelming outpouring of positive support at Pappo’s in Quincy, we have decided to reopen the mall for the foreseeable future,” May wrote. “Working with the mall has been very difficult. We have a new head of leasing who lives in North Carolina, but he doesn’t know how much retail space is available in Quincy and how long it will take to develop. No. Ultimately, we want to relocate as mall occupancy has declined.”

Nearly 25 stores empty on Quincy Town Center grounds

Jenkins said 72% of the Quincy Town Center site owned by Cullinan Property, Ltd. is occupied. This figure includes a series of businesses southwest of the former Quincy Mall.

A quick walk through the Town Center and a quick glance at the Town Center website reveals that about 50 businesses are open and about 25 stores are empty.

Jenkins said Tuesday that he is “absolutely optimistic” that 28% of Town Center’s empty space could be filled quickly. However, disputes regarding the construction of a small hospital on the site should be resolved first.

The Illinois Board of Review of Medical Facilities and Services has approved the Quincy Medical Group’s Certificate of Need. QMG Hospital When QMG Bath Center During a meeting on April 26th. This decision allowed Quincy Medical Group to establish a small hospital on the Town Center grounds. The project cost $61,142,058 and had an estimated completion date of September 30, 2025. However, Blessing Health System is appealing this decision.

Quincy Town Center already houses the QMG Surgery Center and Cancer Institute.

“(After the necessary certificates were approved) we started full speed ahead, but Blessing threw a little monkey wrench in there by protesting the whole decision,” Jenkins said. “It’s still going through the court system. We’re all optimistic that things will fall apart the way we want them to.

“But as a result, we had to put the brakes on all the progress and redevelopment we had planned.

Town center redevelopment potential ‘impressive’

Last fall, Cullinan Properties produced a 20-page PDF showing its proposal for the Hilton Garden Inn under construction in the northeast corner of its Town Center property. AT Toroyan, Cullinan’s vice president of real estate and property director, said the piece was developed in October 2021 as part of ongoing discussions with major hotel brands.

Jenkins called the overall plan for redeveloping the town center “impressive.”

“Looks and feels like 21.st It’s a Century Town Center, not a 1980s shopping mall,” he said. “Cullinan Properties has become a pioneer in this concept of mixed-use retail. It has some brick-and-mortar retail stores, but it also has more Internet-based options, such as entertainment and dining, and the experiential ones that still need it. There’s also a built in. Go find it.Mayor (Mike) Troup was optimistic about the chances of us finding a hotel here at a certain point. is required.

“To be honest, I have never been more optimistic about our property than I am now. There are a lot of positive people in the company. are at the forefront of

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