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Avalon Banquets in Elk Grove Village closing to make way for warehouse

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A longtime ballroom on a busy intersection in Elk Grove Village will close at the end of the year and be demolished to make way for a warehouse.

According to plans submitted to the Village Hall, Avalon Banquets at 1905 E. Higgins Road will be demolished and replaced with a one-story, 81,400-square-foot light industrial warehouse office building. Seefried Properties, a leading national developer of industrial real estate, has purchased a 4.5-acre site and plans to build a warehouse to specification.

The developer is petitioning the village to change the plot from its current business classification to industrial land so that it can start building a warehouse.

According to Mayor Craig Johnson, Avalon’s owners said the ballroom will operate through the end of the year and that anyone with a contract for the event will be honored.

The Avalon’s main entrance faces Higgins and the parking lot faces Busse Road, but the new industrial building does the opposite. Johnson said a series of truck docks have been proposed at the rear of the building along Higgins, but they would be blocked by fences.

Village officials have reviewed the initial building height plans, but renderings of them have yet to be revealed to the public. The matter will progress before that panel, and he said he expects it to go to the village board for final consideration in October.


Johnson said Seafried contacted the village about an interest in the banquet hall site a year ago.

That was about the same time the village was trying to bring together two adjacent properties across Higgins for redevelopment. The former Phoenix/Hunters Nightclub and the now closed Days Inn Motel. Both buildings were then demolished and grass was planted.

Village officials are currently in talks with potential developers about buying the integrated site, Johnson said.

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