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Aspen Mansion Sells for $69 Million in One of the Area’s Priciest-Ever Deals

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Ann Aspen The mansion sold for $69 million in one of the most expensive holiday home sales ever in a Colorado vacation destination.

Known as Silver Lining Ranch, the property occupies over six acres on the Roaring Fork River. Records indicate that the sellers were John and Elizabeth Burgess. Mr Burgess is the co-founder of BC Partners, his private equity firm in the UK. he declined to comment.

The buyers are two real estate firms, Colorado-based Meriwether Companies and Texas-based Revere Capital, according to spokespeople for both companies. The two companies are one of the companies behind the recent acquisition of Aspen Club, a famous nearby tennis and fitness club, which will open nearly 144,000 square feet of hospitality, cuisine, fitness, health and wellness venues. will be refurbished as publicist.

The facility was previously used as a retreat for terminally ill children.


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Meriwether and Revere plan to rent out the Silver Lining Ranch nightly to complement the club’s revitalization.

According to Meriwether, Silver Lining Ranch has a three-story home of about 18,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms.

Burgesses purchased the Silver Lining Ranch in 2010 for $10.5 million, records show. For years, the facility was owned by the Little Star Foundation, a non-profit organization that operates as a retreat for terminally ill children.

of Most Expensive Deal Closed in Aspen It was the 2021 sale of a mansion overlooking the city’s downtown area that Louis A. Sanders, founder and CEO of New York investment firm Sanders Capital, sold for $72.5 million. The buyer was retired Canadian hockey player-turned-entrepreneur Patrick Devisi, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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