Home News Arizona rancher makes desperate plea to Biden after finding total of 16 dead migrants on property

Arizona rancher makes desperate plea to Biden after finding total of 16 dead migrants on property

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An Arizona rancher said,Fox & Friends FirstOn Thursday, he saw “about 100” migrants pass through his property each day, including 16 who died on dangerous journeys over the course of the worsening crisis. increase.

John Rudd spoke about what Arizona ranches are facing.

“We catch about 100 per day,” he said, adding that Border Patrol agents are busy handling the influx in Yuma.

“The Biden administration has sent two-thirds of Border Patrol agents to other areas to process those who gave up in Yuma, Arizona.”

South border migrant encounters rose to more than 200,000 encounters in August, as numbers from spikes in Venezuela, Cuba

Rudd also revealed that 16 bodies had been found on his ranch, two more in recent months.

“Biden is killing people by letting them cross the border like this,” Rudd claimed.

Sheriff Kieran Donoghue of Canyon County, Idaho, said they were “short on manpower” to handle the incident. drug influx Seen in his community from the southern border, including deadly fentanyl.

“Across this state, we’re seeing overdose deaths rising in our communities. And really, we can’t stop it, and we don’t know how to stop it.” he told host Carly Simkus.

A large fentanyl bust in Buckeye, Arizona.
(Buckeye Police Department)

Texas DPS Lieutenant Christopher Olivares shared what Texas officials are seeing as a result of the border crisis.

“We are seeing record numbers of migrants coming across that border. A record number of deaths from immigrants in the United States also lost in a variety of circumstances, as we saw in San Antonio, Texas. 53 immigrants were smuggled in a trailer. ”

“Nearly 300 Americans die every day from the poison fentanyl, and the federal government fails to designate the Mexican cartels for what they are: a foreign terrorist organization.” said Olivares.

Rudd concluded that ranchers like himself feel “completely ignored” by the Biden administration.

“If you can’t control the border, you don’t have to worry about inflation,” Rudd said. “If we don’t act together, America will change.”


the number of meeting immigrants The U.S. Southern border surpassed 227,000 in September and hit a record of over 2.3 million in fiscal 2022. according to the data From US Customs and Border Protection.

CBP figures also show that there were 20. known or suspected terrorist The arrests were made at the southern border in September, bringing the total number of arrests on the border terror watch list to 98 for fiscal year 2022. The total number of terrorist watch list arrests at the border in the last five years was 26.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin and Landon Mion contributed to this report.

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