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Architectural Masterpiece and Landmark Garden in Surrey – DIRT

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Munstead Wood in Surrey, England is a world-famous architectural masterpiece with glorious gardens. Listed as Grade I, the property was a collaboration between Sir Edwin Lutyens, the architect, and Miss Gertrude Jekyll, designer of the gardens and original owner of the legendary estate.

A prominent figure in British architecture, Lutyens was one of the most influential designers of large country houses in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, developing a unique and distinctive style that reflected the Arts and Crafts movement. was a person In his later career, Lutyens designed various buildings in a more classical style.Important fees include: dogo castle, the World War I Memorial in London with its poppy wreath every November, the British School in Rome and the British Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, DC. his career Imperial New Delhi Hotel.

Gertrude Jekyll was a garden designer active in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and remains one of the most influential garden designers today. A multidisciplinary creative force, her talents also included painting, embroidery, photography, blacksmithing, sculpture, and her design of interiors. (A little note and fun info about the Jekyll surname: It’s pronounced JEE-kill, and Miss Jekyll’s brother was friends with Robert Louis Stevenson, who wrote the 1886 novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. ”)

In the early 1880s, Jekyll began planning gardens on the land he acquired at Manstead Wood. She combined her skills as an artist and horticulturist to create what she called “living plant photography.” To complement the gardens, she commissioned Lord Lutyens to design a house which was completed in 1896. She lived there until her death in 1932.

The spacious main house measures approximately 7,500 square feet and has 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3 powder rooms, while the Munstead Cottage has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and is approximately 800 square feet. I have feet. There are also several buildings, greenhouses and swimming pools.

The house is built of local stone following the Arts and Crafts principle of using local materials and craftsmen. A prominent brick chimney is also an Arts and Crafts feature, as are the solid oak beams in the house, which are held in place by wooden pegs rather than nails. The interior of the U-shaped house contains many innovations designed by Lutyens and Jekyll, such as doors, fireplaces and furniture.

The 11 acres of land are allotted to a number of separate areas, each designed to be in top condition at different times of the year. These gardens include Nut Walk, Primrose Garden, Spring Garden, Woodland, Sunken Rock Garden and Three Corner Garden. Various gardens include some formal elements to reflect the home, as opposed to naturalistic gardens.

With 50 years of signatures from architects and gardeners around the world, the Home Visitor book further illustrates the importance of homes and gardens. And even today, many famous plants such as lavender and primrose were named Munstead after being cultivated by Miss Jekyll in her bespoke private idyll.

Want to acquire this lineage treasure? You need $6.3 million to spare, but bragging rights are free, not to mention lavender and primroses.The property is available via Tim Harris When Julia Meadowcroft at Night Frank.

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