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Appeal over bulldozed downtown San Jose “brutalist” building advances

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San Jose — Conservationists have sued in a proceeding aimed at rescuing a “brutalist” building in downtown San Jose from a destructive ball.

The central structure of the proceedings filed in the State Court of Appeals is the downtown San Jose building on 199 Park Avenue until it was demolished last November.

The Conservation Action Council filed an appeal in November 2021 about two months after the group lost the Santa Clara County Superior Court proceedings relating to the building.

In 2020, conservationists will ask San Jose City Authorities to redo the environmental impact report of a vast tech campus project that redevelops and replaces Cityview Plaza, which occupies a block surrounded by Park Avenue in Almaden Boulevard, West San Fernando. I have filed a legal complaint to enforce it. Street and South Market Street.

Demolition work will begin in November 2021 at the “Brutalist” Bank building on 199 Park Avenue in downtown San Jose. (Shae Hammond / Bay Area News Group)

However, in November 2021, a county judge ruled against the conservation group. Within days of the ruling, developer Jai Paul began demolishing the Brutalist building. The structure is now leveled.

Jay Paul Co., through its affiliates, owns most of Cityview Plaza and plans to build a state-of-the-art high-tech campus on a site that will revolutionize the downtown San Jose skyline and street scene. is.

Brutalist Building Proceedings Latest Appeals: Preservationists are running towards this month’s deadline to keep the proceedings alive before the state appeals to court.

By mid-June, the group must submit a summary of the beginning of the case. Otherwise, the State Court of Appeals may dismiss the matter.

The Brutalist building proceedings are the second appeal pending by conservationists in the state’s Court of Appeals, both involving real estate in downtown San Jose.

In February 2021, conservationists sued Santa Clara County, which was defeated by a group that tried to block the development of a hotel tower next to the historic Deanza Hotel in downtown San Jose.

In De Anza Hotel’s appeal, the group submitted an opening summary just in time to prevent the state appeal court from dismissing the case. The Court of Appeals has posted a notice indicating that it has received all statutory documents in the case. According to the public docket, no hearing is scheduled for the Deanza Hotel proceedings.

In the case of the Brutalist structure, the Conservation Group argued that the old building was an important example of a utilitarian architectural style called brutal.

San Jose-June 17th: Wednesday, June 17, 2020, the old Bank of California building on Park Avenue in San Jose, California.  (Randy Basquez / Bay Area Newsgroup)
The old California Bank’s “Brutalist” building on 199 Park Avenue in downtown San Jose, June 2020. (Randy Basquez / Bay Area Newsgroup)

The Conservation Group has submitted a petition to the Santa Clara County High Court to prevent development until the city is ready to conduct further environmental reviews. However, in November 2021, the judge ruled against the conservation group, paving the way for the demolition of the building.

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