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Apparently Ghosts Are Real, Because You Have To Disclose Them When Selling Your House

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If you’ve ever sold a home, chances are you’re aware of the need to disclose physical issues with your home, such as cracked foundations, pests, and health hazards like lead paint. Property damage problem.

You may even know you need to disclose what are known as the home’s “emotional flaws,” such as murder, suicide, or violent crimes that may have occurred on the premises.

But did you know that the paranormal must also be disclosed?

In a 1991 case in the New York Supreme Court Appeals Division known as Stambovsky v. Ackley (commonly known as the “Ghostbusters” ruling), the owner had previously publicly claimed to have been haunted by ghosts. The home was in legal trouble for the purpose of a cancellation lawsuit filed by the next purchaser of the home.

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So whether you believe in ghosts or not, it might be wise to cover all bases as a seller (or buyer). Here’s how:

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As a seller, I will research state disclosure laws.

The requirements that sellers must communicate to buyers vary from state to state. While you may find out everything you need to know about your home’s past, you risk not.

As a buyer, you do your own research on the property.

Check out historical documents and newspaper clippings to see if there were any deaths in that house that you should know about. Investigate the land on which the house resides to find out if it was built on a former battlefield or an old burial ground.

As a buyer, talk to your neighbors.

Neighbors usually get the inside scoop on everything going on in the area, including stories about nearby haunted houses.

As a buyer, review your home purchase, sale, and repair history.

A house’s sales history is another item that provides interesting hints as to its background.

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