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Apartments planned on site of Elmer’s, Papa Joe’s in Boise, ID

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Two long-standing Boise restaurants could be demolished if the preliminary plans submitted to the city of Boise proceed.

CA Ventures, a Chicago-based development company, held a pre-application meeting with the city last week for a three-building apartment project on the corner of the US Capitol. And Yale Ln. This project will replace Elmer’s restaurant, Papajo’s restaurant, and vacant lots.

The preliminary plan presented to the city may change or may not proceed to the formal application stage. The plan requires 90 apartments spanning three buildings, ranging from studios to five-bedroom configurations. The plan shows a total of 206 bedrooms.

The project will also include ground floor parking and available retail space.

CA Ventures presents a preliminary site plan presented to Boise City planners.

Elmer’s Restaurant dates back to 1978. Both the restaurant grounds and parking lot across the street are owned by Elmer’s Restaurants, Inc. Diner style restaurant It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is a popular spot for those seeking a weekend breakfast. The Capitol Boulevard location is the last remaining location in the Treasure Valley of the northwestern chain.

Papa Joe is owned by Boise developer David Wali. Wali is Executive Vice President of Gardner Co., but owns a site other than the Gardner role.

According to property records, Papa Joes is located in the Totem Building, built in 1953. However, the Preservation Idaho building was built in 1936. The building has served a variety of tenants over the years, including West Rest Furniture and Dixon’s Seafood.

CA Ventures is also lagging behind other apartment projects in the area. A 500-bedroom project for students on Rusk Street near the Boise River,and Identity Boise Development Located on Boise Avenue. The company calls itself a “global real estate investment management company.” CA Ventures develops a range of housing projects, including concepts for college and seniors.

If the project goes to the formal application stage, it will require a lot of approval from the city of Boise. This includes rezoning real estate from commercial to residential.

Around the Rusk district, sandwiched between Ann Morrison Park, Boise State University, the Boise River and Boise Bench, apartments have been booming in recent years and more than six large apartments have been built or proposed. The apartment is primarily intended for students at Boise State University.

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