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Apartments, hotel, commercial sites slated for Tramway property – THE RANT

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If you’ve lived in the Sanford area for some time, U.S. 1 and Tramway Road.

This land was cleared about ten years ago and seemed ready to build something new, but no one knew what it was. Speculation abounded that it was home to a large gas station and outdoor shopping mall. A new car dealership may open there.

Finally, the City of Sanford has now approved new plans for multifamily housing, large hotels and up to nine new commercial properties.

Conceptual drawings submitted to Sanford City Council by the Retson Companies of the West End of Moore County detail plans to build an apartment village on 24.6 acres near the intersection of two very busy roads. It consists of 11 three-storey buildings. A total of 330 apartments to be built by Alliance Residential Company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The more general planning documents that were included as part of the package do not contain details about the proposed commercial developments or hotels.

The Lettsons built apartment buildings and numerous Dollar General Stores in the area, including Dunkin’ and Jersey Mike’s in the commercial district just steps from the Tramway site. The Alliance is one of the largest and most active residential real estate developers in the United States, with more than 100,000 units completed in 16 states and 39 metropolitan areas.

A recent action by the City Council approved a zoning designation for the Tramway South Apartments conditional zoning district. Conditional zoning creates a more negotiated process, with city councils more often requesting detailed site and subdivision plans before issuing building permits or making further changes in the development process.

Prior to this plan, the latest idea for the property was a shopping plaza called Tramway’s Marketplace in 2014. The design included spaces for supermarkets and chain retailers, as well as smaller spaces for other merchants. Less than a decade after Bojangles and his CVS came out, it seemed like something was finally about to happen.

Intersection redesign

However, the North Carolina Department of Transportation refuses to allow other businesses to locate on its property until the intersection of U.S. Route 1 and Tramway Road is improved to accommodate the increased traffic. did.

The 2020 DOT Average Annual Traffic determined that an average of 25,500 vehicles per day crossed the intersection along US 1 and another 9,400 vehicles crossed Tramway Road.

NCDOT is considering two versions of its proposed plan to rework intersections into a “collision-reduced” design (previously called “smart streets”) and two new tramway roads. Right turns are allowed only where the alignment intersects. U-turns can be made approximately 1,000 feet from the intersection.

Last year, a public meeting was held on the proposed design, and comments were received until October 29th. Construction was originally scheduled to begin this year, but delays pushed it back to the summer of 2024 at the US Open at Pinehurst. Construction is currently scheduled to begin in fall 2025.

The intersection improvement is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2028, with an estimated construction cost of $24 million to be paid from the Federal Highway Fund.

A new conceptual plan presented to the City Council shows space for nine new commercial locations located on the existing out-parcels along the north side of US 1 and the south end of Tramway Road.

Given that the DOT has historically been reluctant to allow further commercial development along these corridors until the intersection upgrades are complete, the development of the new commercial out parcels will allow the intersections to last approximately six years. It may be deferred until later completion.

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