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Apartment buildings planned for Detroit-Shoreway panned

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A New York City-based developer’s plan for a 200-room suite apartment complex along West 73rd Street, north of Detroit Avenue in Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway district, was on Friday, June 17, when the area was enthusiastic. It could be a bell for the development of a typical apartment.

Preferred Housing Corporation has sought approval for two connected buildings (one on the 4th floor and the other on the 5th floor) on the east side of 73 West, opposite the single-family home. The long rectangular location is just north of the Classiunbury Funeral Hall.

Zoning of the site allows the construction of the apartment, but after the project has been blamed for about an hour by neighbors and others, the proposal is a letter by the 15th ward councilor Jenny Spencer, a regional councilor explaining the project. It was submitted in. As the wrong plan in the wrong place.

“We have reached a point where we need to shift to managing the growth of our neighborhood,” Spencer writes. She said there are too many luxury apartments built in the lakeside neighborhood, except for more affordable homes. Spencer argued that the priority housing project, along with other projects already approved, would exacerbate the parking problem in the neighborhood.

Matt Zone, a former councilor who represented the neighborhood for 19 years, also asked the committee to spend more time reviewing the plan.

“I was a professional development councilor,” Zone said. “I always insisted on meeting the developer. I’m angry that this developer hasn’t met the councilor. Density is an important issue here. Face it. These The unit has only 140 parking spaces (in the garage). For other projects, this will overwhelm the neighborhood. “

Bobbi Reichtell, a veteran of the community development organization who recently retired from the former Detroit Shoreway CDC to the campus district, told the Commission, “This is not a responsible development. It is a developer who maximizes profits. This is what we do. Not the kind of development you want. In our neighborhood. As the Cleveland City Planning Commission, you can turn their feet on fire. “

She said she had submitted a letter to a committee against projects signed by herself and other long-term development veterans living nearby, including Chris and Linda Warren, and Reichtel’s spouse Mark McDermott. rice field.

Some residents said West 73rd Street was too small to handle traffic from existing homes and apartments under construction, as well as people heading to the city’s lakeside.

Mark Rustion, a real estate agent at Howard Hannah who works in the West Side, said, “I’m not anti-development. I’m not an anti-renter. I understand the density and its value. This similar to a college dormitory. The building is a tower at 73 west. It’s a narrow street, not striped (for two lanes). Cars move aside and don’t let other cars pass. Developers don’t know. Especially the tower is my view of the sunrise on my street. “

Realtor Tory McJankins, who said he lives at 73 west opposite the proposed building, said 21 townhouses were needed before the current owner could buy the site. ..

“There is a big difference between having 21 and 200 families,” she said. “Our life will change forever when a five-story project is built.”

Westley Harper, the architect of the Preferred Housing Project, is designed with a hipped roof, giving it a residential feel and using “a significant amount of bricks” to suit local conditions. Said. He said he was engaged in community hearings on this issue and that no one had previously specifically asked for a visit with the developer.

After the committee, Mr. Harper unanimously submitted the bill after his daughter abstained from a member living nearby, but Mr. Harper said he still did not know what to do.

Lillian Kuri, chair of the planning committee, told Harper to meet with the planning committee staff.

“In my opinion, designing requires a lot of work,” Kuri said.

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