Home News An Arizona woman spent 3 years turning an old general store into a 1-bedroom home to fulfill her late husband’s wishes. She’s listing it for $1.1 million — take a look inside.

An Arizona woman spent 3 years turning an old general store into a 1-bedroom home to fulfill her late husband’s wishes. She’s listing it for $1.1 million — take a look inside.

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Exterior of Old Pierce Mercantile in Arizona.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

  • An old general store built in 1895 in Pierce, Arizona is on the market for $1.1 million.

  • Homeowner Patricia Barris restored the building in 2019.

  • The property comes with antiques, period furniture, a blacksmith and a cat.

A 127-year-old general store tucked away in the ghost town of Pierce, Arizona. Patricia Barris purchased this building with her late husband Michael in 1996. More than 20 years later, she’s listed with her $1.1 million.

A 1950s Pierce Mercantile exterior

A 1950’s Pierce Mercantile look.Arizona State Park Commission

Also known as the Old Pierce Mercantile or Arizona Ghost Town Museum, the facility listingPer registration, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) in 1978. Document.

“This merchant has been standing in the same place since 1895. It was a one-stop shop, like a department store today,” Realty One Group Integrity listing agent Patsy Nyberg told Insider. “There was even a Wells Fargo bank in there.”

The couple purchased the old general store in 1996, according to property insurance documents Nyberg sent to Insider. Burris declined to share the purchase price.

The 19th-century mining town of Pierce flourished until the 1930s. Arizona Department of TransportationIt is now part of the Arizona Ghost Town Trail. This is a popular driving route that connects three former mining towns.

today, less than 2,000 Lives in Pierce.

As a historian, it was Michael’s dream to restore the Old Pierce Mercantile to its former glory. After he died, Patricia spent three years trying to fulfill his wish.

Interior of the museum section of the building.

Interior of the museum section of the building.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

“He passed away a few years ago, so his wife completed the work. It took about three years and was completed around 2019,” Nyberg said.

The store’s old shelving, ladders and railings all remain to this day, she added.

Barris decorated the place with antiques and period furniture and transformed it into a one-bedroom home complete with a museum showcasing the history of the former mining town.

The building is now part museum and part residence.

The building is now part museum and part residence.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

“Patti has filled this place with antiques she’s been hunting for over the years, many of which will lead to real estate sales,” Nyberg said.

These items include historical documents, vintage food packaging, signs, and electronic items such as scales and oil lamps.

These vintage items help tell the history of the town, says Nyberg.

Even Nyberg has a personal connection to the restoration process. Her husband, a carpenter, worked with her Burris to create her one-bedroom apartment in the back of the building, she added.

Nyberg says one of the most unique artifacts at the Old Pierce Mercantile is the wooden doorway. It was the entrance to the post office from the nearby town of Tombstone.

A vintage bank teller from a post office in Tombstone, Arizona.

The wooden doorway to the Old Pearce Mercantile was brought in from the original entrance of the Post Office in Tombstone, Arizona.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

“It looks like a box, but it’s actually the front of an old post office that was transported up the hill from the nearby town of Tombstone,” Nyberg said.

There is also a restored Studebaker wagon above the wooden entrance.

The one bedroom apartment is at the back of the building.

dining and kitchen area.

Open concept dining and kitchen area in the Old Pierce Mercantile apartment wing.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

The Old Pierce Mercantile is now uninhabited, but Bliss lived there briefly while his home (the former Pierce Post Office building) was being renovated, Nyberg said.

Barris still checks in daily, Nyberg said. “There’s a live-in cat there, and it’ll get across to this property,” she added.

Burris made sure antique appliances, including vintage stoves and refrigerators, were in working order, Nyberg said.

The kitchen has an antique refrigerator.

The kitchen has an antique refrigerator.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

The property has been on and off the market since Burris completed its restoration in 2019. listing record show. She first put her Mercantile up for sale at Old Pierce in May 2020 for her $944,000. Over the next two years, that price was escalated to her current $1.1 million.

Homes in Pierce, Arizona have a median home price of $215,000, according to real estate platform data. Realtor.com.

There are currently 20 single-family homes for sale in the area, with prices ranging from $56,000 to $1.1 million. The Old Pierce Mercantile, with a price tag of $1.1 million, most expensive list in your neighborhood.

The apartment has only one bedroom, but future owners can add more rooms and turn the place into a vacation rental.


bedroom.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

“Patti had plans to add a guest cottage with a bathroom in the back to connect the blacksmith and all those storage areas,” Nyberg said.

Old Pearce Mercantile is currently registered as a residential property, but future owners can easily revert it to commercial status, Nyberg added.

“It was a commercial property to begin with, so it’s very easy to change,” Nyberg said. “With a new commercial septic tank and a new well installed, the site is ready for any use a new buyer might want.”

Barris told Insider via Nyberg that one of her favorite memories of the renovation process was when the building inspector came in.


The property has two full bathrooms.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

As inspectors scrutinized the structure and made tough demands, they spotted a rattlesnake sliding into the courtyard from underneath the building, Barris said.

“The examination was cut short and the men laughed and went back to work,” she added.

There is an active blacksmith shop in the back. Thanksgiving weekend is usually marked by blacksmith demonstrations, he said.

Vintage working blacksmith shop.

Vintage working blacksmith shop.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

“There were a few additions and repairs, but that part of the commercial complex was largely intact,” Nyberg said. “Blacksmiths are pretty rough, aren’t they?”

There is also a garage on the grounds, which now houses an antique carriage.

An antique carriage in the garage.

An antique carriage in the garage.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

The surrounding area is known for its wine production and, according to the listing, Bliss would be happy to negotiate the sale of nearby ten acres of land for viticulture.

Now that she has fulfilled her late husband’s dream, Bliss is about to turn over the Old Pierce Mercantile to a new custodian.

The home is full of antique treasures procured by the current owner

The home is full of antique treasures procured by the current owner.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

Burris has hosted weddings and other events on the premises. Thanksgiving, in particular, is a big event for the community. In the past, she has held her fairs on the street with vendors, Nyberg says.

“We’ve been using it in town for years, and the townspeople really want someone to buy it,” Nyberg added.

Barris is selling the property because it is too much work for her to maintain alone, Nyberg said.

Exterior of Old Pierce Mercantile in Arizona.

Exterior of Old Pierce Mercantile in Arizona.Patsy Nyberg/Realty ONE Group Integrity

“The ideal buyer is someone who appreciates history and seeks to keep it intact. Hopefully they will open it up to the community again,” Nyberg said.

“It’s a museum that people are supposed to be able to see,” she added.

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