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An All-New House in the Hamptons Has Sold for $48 Million – DIRT

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In a well-traded oceanfront property on Meadow Lane, Southampton Billionaire’s Alley Third sale in eight years thanks to all the millionaires who own homes along Beachside Road. This time, an off-market transaction of $48 million was completed and the property now has a stunning new home and landscaping.

The estate was once owned by electronic dance music mogul Robert X. Schillerman. In 2014, Sillerman sold the property, which spans 3.6 acres and 200 linear feet of oceanfront, for $37.5 million. At the time, he had a 12,000-square-foot old house on the property. This land he sold again in 2020 for his $36 million to an anonymous buyer, Listing his agent. Tim Davis Corcoran then stated plans to develop the land. And someone did just that. Plumpeace Dunes has an amazing new home and all new landscaping.

Frustratingly for onlookers, the newly built house appears to be sequestered behind gates and hidden by landscaping, with no photos or plans of the design online. ‘Tom Kligerman from Ike, Kligerman, Berkeley Ed Hollander is the architect, Ed Hollander is the landscape architect, and Thom Lawrence is the contractor for Bulgin and Associates. This is traditional with a modern twist. It is shingle style, weathered to grey, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, with trim and windows painted in white wood. Masonry becomes white brick.

Judging by the other designs on the IKB website, the house is undeniably stunning and Ed Hollander is known for his outstanding landscape design in the Hamptons. And of course, all these acres have plenty of room to add a large oceanfront pool and recessed tennis courts.

With the high-end market cooling off in 2022, this could be one of the Hamptons’ most expensive sales this year. stay tuned!

Several many Billionaire investors, investors, including Leon Black, Chase Coleman III, Henry Kravis, Abby Rosen and famous trophy property collector Ken Griffin, who plowed $84 million for Calvin. Real estate developers, the hedge fund’s fat cats, maintain gorgeous beachfront properties along Meadow Lane. A monument of minimalism on the seaside road.

PS If the price seems high, another Sillerman former estate next door to this one, a whopping 5.18-acre land and 4,000-square-foot home, has been priced at an asking price of $44.95 million. Harald Grant When Bruce Grant Sotheby’s is in charge.

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