Home News American Investors Have an Excellent Opportunity to Buy Real Estate in Portugal as the US Dollar is the Strongest It’s Been for Over 20 Years

American Investors Have an Excellent Opportunity to Buy Real Estate in Portugal as the US Dollar is the Strongest It’s Been for Over 20 Years

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Faro, Algarve – (new media wire) – October 6, 2022 – US investors can take advantage of even better terms with programs like the Portuguese Golden Visa to land their dream luxury investment property in beautiful Portugal.

Global volatility has led to people rushing towards the haven dollar and the value of the dollar rising. Previously, investors wishing to enter the European market were deterred by high entry costs. This created a profitable opportunity for American investors and established Ideal Homes Portugal as a leading company that foreigners can rely on.

Ideal Homes Portugal, a professional real estate company in Portugal, helps Americans take advantage of a strong currency to buy the best real estate in the country. The company has a proven track record of facilitating buyers and sellers in Portugal for the last ten years.

The company helps foreign investors make informed decisions and secure quality real estate market transactions. Their main goal is to provide foreign investors with a sense of security to invest in Portuguese real estate. Real estate in Portugal has grown at an impressive rate over the past few years, thanks to programs such as the Portuguese Golden Visa, giving opportunities to non-EU residents. live, work and study in the country. Investors can also access the Schengen Zone through this program.

The company has an extensive property network throughout Portugal, including properties covered by the programme, giving clients many options to choose from. It also helps foreigners access mortgages to finance these luxury properties and complete their purchases quickly and easily.

This makes it an ideal choice for US investors. apartment for sale in portugalThe area is known for its stunning golf resorts, hotels, restaurants and Atlantic beaches. American investors looking to build vacation homes and passive income can invest in these properties.

The company has been doing well over the past decade, and it’s all thanks to the trust of its customers. Since their humble beginnings in 2012, they have become a well-known and trusted company in Portugal and the world. , USA, Ireland, UK, Germany, Holland, South Africa, Switzerland and other countries with over 300 properties for sale each year.

Their clients find working with the team very easy and friendly. This is verified by the fact that its founder, Chris White, thanks to his charismatic personality, appeared in a regular Channel 4 TV show called “Sun, Sea & Selling Houses”. It showcases the life of a foreigner who has immigrated to the country. Her CEO of the company, Angela Worrall, is also an expert on the “Moving to Portugal” panel at the A Place in the Sun exhibition.

The company has two real estate agency offices (Vila Sol and Lagos) and an easy-to-use website listing all of them. A company spokesperson said: Build a robust passive income stream. “

He added: We can help you with sourcing Wi-Fi and furniture. We will help you find the type of property that fits your needs and budget. We will guide you through the process from start to finish to ensure everything goes smoothly from start to finish. “

The company invests in high-end properties and focuses on providing the best possible service to its clients. Anyone interested in investing in luxury real estate and getting great returns can get in touch using the information below.

About the company

Ideal Homes Portugal helps American investors to buy luxury investment properties in Portugal. They have extensive experience in the real estate industry and have helped clients achieve their goals. They can help you with all kinds of things, from finding the perfect property for you, to guiding you through the process of buying a new home or investment property, to assisting with paperwork and closing times for any issues that may arise. provide the service.

contact address

Contact Person: Chris White
Company Name: Ideal homes Portugal
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +351 918055118
City: Faro
State: Algarve
Country: Portugal
Website: https://www.idealhomesportugal.com

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