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Alyson Hannigan From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Is Selling Her LA Home – Robb Report

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This is very likely the way you meet your next home: Alyson Hannigan, starring how i met your motherHas her gorgeous sale Los Angeles $ 18 million home.

The five-bedroom, eight-bathroom property is located on more than 3.25 acres of Encino, a high-demand area of ​​the San Fernando Valley. It consists of a three-bedroom main house, a one-bedroom guesthouse, a separate gym, a three-car garage with offices and bedrooms, and listed agent Michael La Montagna. Said The Wall Street Journal.. A series of plate-shaped concrete, wood and glass pavilions make up the house, and gallery spaces connect different areas to define the courtyard.

Wide view of the house

Tyler Hogan

Outside, there are bocce courts, tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a rich on-site garden. Hanigan and her husband Alexis Denisof renewed the landscaping while at home. Surrounding indigenous trees, sycamore, succulents, oranges, avocados and palm trees are visible in all rooms.

Encino’s property, known as the Sherman Residence, was built in 2001 by architect Peter Torkin. California Spots such as Malibu’s Sunglasses House and Pasadena’s Salad’n Garden Restaurant.Hanigan and Denisov bought the place for $ 7.95 million in 2016, La Montagna said. WSJ.. Like its celebrity inhabitants, the house itself has appeared in movies and television, Fun with Dick & Jane To SHIELD agent, according to the LA Times..

Outdoor seating in Alyson Hannigan's house

Outdoor seating near the pool

Tyler Hogan

In addition to the outdoor changes, Hanigan and Denisov added skylights to the main house, making it even brighter.The two declined to comment, WSJ During their move, La Montagna said they had already vacated the property.

La Montagna of Hilton & Hyland is listed Property With his wife, Alexis La Montagna, and Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker. Check out more images of the house below.

Alyson Hannigan's bedroom

One of the bedrooms

Tyler Hogan

Alyson Hannigan's house kitchen


Tyler Hogan

Living area of ​​Alyson Hannigan's house

Living area

Tyler Hogan

Alyson Hannigan's house pool

Take a closer look at the pool area

Tyler Hogan

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