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All About King Charles III’s 7 Estates Across the U.K.

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after the death of Queen Elizabeth II On Thursday, Charles III officially became Britain’s new monarch.

Royalty is all about real estate, and King Charles is no stranger to an impressive portfolio of properties across England, Scotland and Wales. Inherited and purchased the former Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall. Camilla, now Queenhad a total of six estates of its own — and that is before he added queen elizabethincluding the house of Favorite Balmoral where she died.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace.
Aaron Chung/PA Image via Getty

After taking the throne, King Charles inherited Buckingham Palace, England’s most famous royal residence, but he doesn’t plan to live there any time soon. As we will see later, his home base is Clarence House.

The 775-room palace has served as the official London residence and administrative headquarters of the British royal family since 1837. Royals official website.

Clarence House

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Clarence House is located by St James’s Palace in London, Former Prince of Wales official residence.

Construction on the property was completed in 1827 and the house underwent extensive renovations in 2002-2003. It also serves as office space for the Prince of Wales family, and its main rooms are “used to receive receptions and other official receptions, as well as official visitors to the United Kingdom.” Official website.

The house is open to visitors each August.

Highgrove House

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Two and a half hours from London lies the ‘family home’ of the royal couple in Gloucestershire, England. Highgrove House.

as described in Official websiteKing Charles “chosen to live in Gloucestershire because of its easy access to London, Wales and the rest of England.” The property was purchased in 1980 and is owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.

Featuring colorful gardens and lush farmland surroundings, the estate also features the impressive Orchard Room, built of Cotswold stone to support local architecture. King Charles frequently held briefings and receptions at his House in Highgrove.

Burke Hall

Central Press/Halton Archive/Getty

Another private residence of King Charles is at Balmoral Mansion in Scotland. Balmoral CastleWhere queen elizabeth Passed away peacefully on Thursday and lives on the same land.

The royal couple enjoys spending summers at the mansion and being involved in the local community. website.

The King and Queen also reportedly spent their honeymoon at the property. BBC..

Llwynywer mod

Chris Jackson/Getty

Llwynywermod is the property of the King of Wales, located near the village of Myddfai, Llandbury, Carmarthenshire. The mansion is used by the royal couple when they travel to Wales and during their annual summer tour.

After the property was purchased in 2006, renovations were undertaken to include locally sourced textiles and materials within Wales. is included. house and gardenMany sheep live in the surrounding farmland.

Dumfries House

Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty

Dumfries House in Ayrshire, Scotland was purchased by the King in 2007 to restore and improve a historic building. put up for sale.

Refer to the renovation of the king. According to the estate’s website, “The transformation of Dumfries House is a prime example of heritage-led regeneration, creating many job opportunities for a local community greatly affected by the demise of the coal mining industry.” is written.

Although the property belongs to the King, it is primarily a tourist attraction, allowing visitors to tour the grounds or stay overnight at the hotel. Dumfries House Lodge.

May’s Castle

Robert Plattner/Getty

Finally, Castle May, located on the north coast of Scotland in Caithness, is a property that King Charles inherited from his grandmother. queen motherafter her death in 2002. Official website.

historic properties, 10 Bedroom Bed and Breakfastknown as Granary Lodgeand if the conditions are right, visitors can even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

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