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A Real Estate Investor Says He’s Not Worried About a Recession

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  • Adam Masato earns $ 8,400 per month in passive income from short-term rentals.
  • He also earns $ 1,100 by renting his condo in Los Angeles.
  • His investment is resilient to recession, as his overheads for short-term rentals are only $ 1,100, he says.

Adam Masato, a self-proclaimed “millennial who works for W-2,” learned how to earn $ 8,400 a month from YouTube videos.

Masato and his wife, Diana Hernandez, live in Los Angeles and earn a total of $ 150,000 a year from their day-to-day work. Masato works as a manager for a healthcare IT company, and Hernandez is a therapist who provides her own personal care. The couple owns a condo in Los Angeles, but in the hope of building wealth for the future of the family, they decided to return to Hernandez’s parents’ home 2019 to save and invest 100% of their income. ..

They built a custom rental home in Joshua Tree

While living with Hernandez’s parents, Masato purchased land in Joshua Tree, California. Robuilt, Creators who teach people how to earn passive income Short-term rental property..

According to insider-reviewed records, Masato used his family’s savings to buy Joshua Tree land for $ 39,806.

After that, he built a 935 square foot prefabricated house. Orbit Homes At an additional cost of $ 300,466 he paid to cash his cash using a personal loan backed by two Bitcoins, a traditional personal loan and a home equity credit line. Ross IRA, And additional cash savings. Personal loans, Bitcoin-backed loans, and HELOC total $ 165,000.

Since Masato paid most of the property in cash, his monthly expenses at Joshua Treehouse (including loan payments and payments to real estate managers) totaled about $ 1,100, with an average monthly income of over $ 12,000. It’s just a small part. A rental will be generated.

What’s more, Masato and Hernandez have rented LA condos to long-term tenants, earning an additional $ 1,100 per month in passive rental income.

He is not worried about recession

When asked if he was worried about him Real Estate Investment Possible weathering


“I’m not worried about what will happen in the next year or two if the market crashes by 20%,” Masato told insiders.

Instead of selling real estate when the market rises, Masato plans to retain real estate investment and pass it on to future generations. “I wouldn’t sell my property,” he said.

according to RedfinHouse prices in Los Angeles rose 12.8% between April 2021 and April 2022. Even with a 17% monthly slowdown in home purchases Masato is confident that investment will increase nationwide from April to May 2022 in the long run. “I’m not worried because I’ll never be at a loss for it,” he says.

For short-term rentals to be a break-even point, you only need to book 7 nights a month.

As for his short-term rental housing in Joshua Tree, Masato is confident that his income will remain stable no matter what happens to the economy.According to Airbnb, it is booked steadily until July Airbnb listAnd even if things slow down, it doesn’t take long for the property to reach the break-even point.

He said when asked if the recession would affect his list of Airbnb. night. “

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