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A new 468-unit apartment tower is planned for South Broad Street

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A new 43-story residential tower is coming to Center City, bringing 468 new apartments to the intersection of Broad Street and Lombard Street.

A fresh render from the Goldenberg Group places the proposed tower in the context of the adjacent Symphony House condo tower. The new image highlights the towering glass façade next to the historic protected building that housed the city’s District Health Center One.

The residential tower will be built in a narrow surface parking lot and the now abandoned Municipal Health Center will be reused as commercial and retail space. It also includes an underground car park for 30 vehicles and more than 200 bicycles.

The Goldenberg Group did not comment on the new renderings that will be discussed at a public meeting prior to the Citizens Design Review Committee on August 2. This panel of local government-appointed architects, developers and other experts discusses the benefits of Goldenberg’s plans, but they have only the power to make suggestions and force developers to make changes. I can not do it.

The city moves District Health Center 1 to South Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Conservation Alliance Historically designated as a low-floor modernist office structure in 2017.. At the time, critics argued that the alliance’s actions would interfere with a new project on this corner of Broad Street.

In their rendering, the Goldenberg Group emphasizes how their new apartment tower works with its historic protected neighbors just south. The base of the building will be transparent to “provide a breathing space for the historic health center”, but the design is intended to “take clues” from the old structure.

“We were concerned about limiting the redevelopment of the site by designating what some people perceived as ugly, quirky and outdated buildings in important corridors,” said the Conservation Alliance Advocate. Said Patrick Grossi. “this [design] Verify what we have done. I’ve always been impressed with cities like Montreal, where historic buildings and newly constructed buildings work together. This is a good example in Philadelphia. “

The Goldenberg Group’s residential tower fits into the recent history of Center City’s South Broad Street. 2007, Carl Dranoff Opened Symphony House, A 31-story luxury condominium tower across Lombard Street from Health Center One. Inga Saffron, an architectural critic at Inga Saffron, Panned the buildingIt has begun a new period of high to mid-rise housing construction in the corridors.

Since then, Dranov opened South Star Loft condos on Broad Street and South Street in 2014, and more recently opened a 47-story Arthouse Luxury Tower on Broad Street and Spruce.

The Goldenberg Group’s project stands out because it has not been developed by Dranov and it addresses the rental market. It’s by no means an affordable home, but the Broad and Lombard towers are “Silver tsunamiThe wealthy empty nest where Dranov designed his skyscrapers. “

“Karl Dranov has pioneered South Broad Street as a major residential area and is now attended by others,” said Paul Levy, president of the Center City district. He states that during the pandemic, the population of Center City has increased and most of the new downtown apartments have a occupancy rate of over 95%.

“I’m bullish on this development,” says Levy. “At some point there is a limit, but we haven’t reached the limit yet.”

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