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A House With ‘Good Bones’? It Could Be a Complete Wreck.

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According to Saatchi, ads are often written to satisfy sellers rather than attract buyers. “They want me to say everything about their property, including paving stones being two years old,” she explained. “Or there’s something like’relaxing by the pool’, but that sounds ridiculous,” she added.

Peters is amused by the development of a new construction that “has all the appliances brands and the marble names in the bathrooms.” “Who cares about the source of the marble for God? I think it was done to convey luxury.”

Judisa Black, an associate broker at Coldwell Banker Realty in Westport, Connecticut, feels different. “Some buyers may not know what Carrara Marble is, but they want to read” Carrara Marble “rather than just” Marble “,” she said. “Of course, I think the flower language is worth it. Probably not for all buyers, but for what I think of as an expressive buyer. A particular descriptive phrase is that they identify the property and it Helps you to see and make an offer. “

Not surprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic has renewed the content and language of some ads. “Retreat”, “Secure”, and “Private” are frequently deployed. Brad Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer of Sotheby’s International Realty, said:

In addition, Nelson labeled what might have been claimed as a “nanny suite” before the pandemic, now more flexibly as a secondary master bedroom, an accommodation to isolate friends and family. I said it might be done. “This is the same feature, but I’m explaining it differently now.”

To ensure that the list is summarized in essence, Sotheby’s International recently imposed a 350-character count on the description of ad supplement properties. “Thus, agents are forced to focus on the most important features that get the buyer’s attention,” Nelson said.

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