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A high-rise and row houses are planned for Katy Trail block

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The developer who purchased the block on Katy Trail in Dallas has completed planning for the major property. Lang Partners will build high-rise residential and rowhouses on Hall and Carlisle streets just east of Turtle Creek.

dallas apartment builders purchased earlier this year Two blocks of old apartments on Hall and Katy Trail. After his seven-month planning with Dallas architect GFF, Lang Partners is ready to unveil plans to develop the property.

Dirik Oudt of Lang Partners said: “We have received tremendous feedback from the community.

“It’s been very well received,” says Oudt. “The quality of this will be very high.”

The Carlyle-on-the-Creek development includes high-rise residential and tenement houses on Carlyle and Hall streets in Uptown Dallas.(Contribution / GFF )

The planned development, called Carlyle-on-the-Creek, will include nearly 30-story luxury high-rise apartments at the north end of the property. The entire development will house approximately 320 rental units.

The streets surrounding the property are lined with mainly 3- and 4-story rental housing.

GFF’s Evan Beattie said: “He occupies 22% of the land area.

“Three of the four sides of the site are low,” Beattie says. “The tower will be moved to an area closer to the West Village that will have the least impact on neighbors.”

The lower floors of the apartment tower are lined with limestone.

“The direction we received from the Lang Partners team was to focus on quality materials,” says Beattie. “We really feel this raises the bar for residential development in Dallas.”

Oudt said the high-rise will be set back 120 feet from the popular pedestrian Katy Trail.

“We created a lot of open space at the foot of the trail,” he said. “We didn’t want the building on the trail.

“We wanted a timeless, classic design—what we call a 100-year-old building.”

The planned Uptown project will be Lang Partners’ most ambitious development to date. Lang Partners has built rental communities in North Oak Cliffs, Dallas’ medical district, and Fort Worth. “This will be our first skyscraper,” Oudt said.

The first floor is planned for a restaurant space facing the Katy Trail.

“The Katy Trail has become a beachside institution in Dallas,” Outo says. “We are creating a lot of open space at the foot of the building closer to the trail.

“There is only one Katy trail, so I wanted to make sure I took advantage of it,” he said. “We are planning to have several restaurants. I don’t know if it will be one or two.”

Oudt said the project is unlikely to start until early 2024.

The Lang Partners project is one of the few skyscrapers under construction along Turtle Creek.

Close to Turtle Creek Boulevard and Cedar Springs Road, $750 million Four Seasons hotel Condominiums are planned for the vacant lot.

and Turtle Creek near Fairmount StreetHouston-based Hanover and GID Investment Advisors LLC are building a $170 million, 21-story multifamily home.

Site next to location in Hannover just sold California-based Nexus Development Corporation, We plan to build a 25-story residential tower.

One or two restaurants are planned near Katy Trail in Carlisle-on-the-Creek.
One or two restaurants are planned near Carlisle’s Katy Trail in the Carlisle-on-the-Creek development on Carlisle and Hall streets in uptown Dallas.(Contribution / GFF )

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