Home News A couple sold their house to live permanently on cruise ships because they said it’s cheaper than paying a mortgage

A couple sold their house to live permanently on cruise ships because they said it’s cheaper than paying a mortgage

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Burks has traveled the world on cruise ships, including a 51-day trip from Seattle to Sydney.Getty Images

  • Seattle retired couples Angeline and Richard Burke sold their homes to live permanently on a cruise ship.

  • According to former accountant Angelyne, doing so is cheaper than paying off their mortgages.

  • On average, couples spend $ 89 a day on cruises covering rooms, food and entertainment.

The Seattle couple left home and work with only one suitcase and lived forever on a cruise ship.

Angeline and Richard Burke have been enjoying life at sea since May last year and say it’s cheaper to live on a cruise than to repay their mortgage.

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“We love traveling and were looking for a way to continue traveling after retirement, which is economically meaningful,” former accountant Angelyne told Australia. 7 news earlier this week..

According to the outlet, the pair in their 50s boarded and disembarked on a variety of cruise ships to travel around the world, including a 51-day trip from Seattle to Sydney. Some of their favorite ports of call are Singapore, Italy, Canada and the Bahamas.

“When planning a cruise, I try to stay on the same ship as much as possible, as long as it’s cost-effective,” Angeline said. I told CNN.

Married couples have secured enough money to spend up to $ 135 a day, but often much less.

“Currently, we have an 86-day cruise this year, and the average all-in-cost for the two is $ 89 per day,” she told the outlet. That’s $ 32,485 a year. “This includes room, food, entertainment, transportation, gratuities, port charges and taxes.”

As a frequent cruise traveler, the loyalty program also allowed couples to secure significant discounts on their trips, she added.

according to ZillowThe typical home price for a home in Seattle, Burks’ hometown, is $ 984,863, and home costs in the region have increased by 17.8% over the past year. The average monthly cost of a 30-year fixed mortgage with a 20% down payment in the city is about $ 5,034 per month, or $ 60,408 per year.

“We have no plans to live on land forever in the future,” Angeline told 7News.

“Is there any other place at the resort where I can be taken to different countries while relaxing by the pool or sleeping in a comfortable bed?” She told CNN.

Insiders are asking Angeline Burke for comment.

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