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A Carroll Gardens Brownstone With Fancy Plaster and Three More to See, Starting at $1.29 Million

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Open House recommendations to check out this weekend are in Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, Crown Heights and Ocean Hill. Prices range from $ 1.29 million to $ 13.75 million.

Located in the historic center of Brooklyn Heights, this circa 1870s Anglo-Italian brownstone is located in corners with bright light and distinctive details, such as lead glass and mantelpieces. Originally a single-family home, it now has four units and the floor plan shows five kitchens, but it is used as a triplet for owners with two apartments.

1 Montague Terrace
Price: $ 13.75 million
Area: Brooklyn Heights
Broker: Compass (Caryl Berenato)
Sunay May 8th, 12 – 2 pm
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Carroll Gardens’ brownstone, circa 1860s, has fascinating original details such as elaborate plastering and carved stone mantels, and a recently updated wet room. It is set up as a triplex of owners with two rental apartments.

Carroll Gardens Interior

Price: $ 6,495,000
Area: Carroll Gardens
Broker: Brown Harris Stevens (Ariharkov)
Sunday, May 8 12 – 1 pm
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This early 20th-century brick tenement house in Crown Heights has many features of the time, including ceilings, tiled mantelpieces, and original staircases. The house has three bedrooms, bare bricks and a completed basement. The kitchen and bathroom (full bath and two half baths) have been recently refurbished.

1041 President Street Interior

1041 President Street
Price: $ 1.75 million
Area: Crown Heights
Broker: Compass (Sharon Cohen)
Saturday, May 7 12 – 1:30 pm
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At Ocean Hill, a brick tenement house of three families, circa 1900, features a square bay, a distinctive brickwork, and a metal cornice with garlands. In the state of a mansion with mostly painted woodwork, the house lacks original details such as mantelpieces, pocket doors, openwork and pier mirrors.

529 Chauncy Street Interior

529 Chauncey Street
Price: $ 1.29 million
Area: Ocean Hill
Broker: Bedford Brownstone Realty LLC (Michael Feldman)
Saturday, May 7 12 – 1 pm
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