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8 very cool homes in America that you can currently buy for under $100,000

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This property is not only a house, but also a ship.


Last year, home prices skyrocketed by about 20% in a year, but there are still cool homes in America for under $100,000. With the help of real estate expert and Realtor.com author Erik Gunther, we’ve picked out nine of his notable homes that are currently available for purchase under $100,000. (Click here for the lowest mortgage rates.)

If you want to go out to sea, literally: Houseboat in Olympia, WA, $91,950


Currently anchored at West Bay Marina, Olympia. this Our one bedroom houseboat with half bath boasts an open concept living and dining area, walk-in shower, beautiful rooftop deck and wood paneling. “If you want to enjoy big city life or stay in beautiful Olympia, this ship can bring you closer to Seattle,” he says.

If you like living on your doorstep, this 1940s bungalow in Teague, Texas, $95,000

this A recently updated 1940s teague 3 bedroom bungalow with covered front porch, attached carport, ensuite bathroom, fenced backyard and storage shed. About an hour’s drive east of Waco, the small town of Teague is home to the B-RI Railroad Museum, a healing center and a boxing club.

If you want space at a low price: This two-story home in Mason City, Iowa, $84,900

Located on 9,450 square feet just one block south of Mason City Youth Baseball Field, this Spacious three-bedroom home with bathrooms on each level, high ceilings, enclosed front porch, wood deck, and expansive backyard. It is home to a concentration of Prairie School buildings, including the Doctor’s Mansion (1908) and the Park Inn Hotel and City National Bank Building (1909-10). Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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If you want something super off the beaten path: this straw bale built in Yucca, Arizona, $79,900


Featuring two-foot-thick walls filled with straw, this Our 800-square-foot home in Yucca comes with a solar panel system, 16 interstate deep-cycle batteries, a generator, and two 300-gallon water tanks so you don’t have to rely on public utilities. Located on his 4.6 acres in Mojave County, this property boasts mountain views, chicken coops, and newly planted fruit trees. Temperatures in the area often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, but “the residence has everything you need to survive the harsh climate,” Günther says.

If you want to stand out: This elegant two-story home in Auburn, Nebraska for $99,500

Built in 1900, this The mansard-roofed two-storey house has been thoroughly modernized inside. Highlights include a new HVAC system, hardwood floors, breakfast nook, cobbled patio, and storage basement. Featuring a walkable Historic District, Auburn is about a 1-minute drive south of Omaha. It’s a small town in time. Residents enjoy casual recreation at spots such as the Auburn State Theater and Bowl Dog’s Alley.

If You Want a Walkable Neighborhood: This 3-Bedroom Home in Marion, Ohio, $94,900

Best known as the final resting place of 29-year-old President Warren G. Harding.th United States President Marion is a small city just an hour’s drive north of Columbus. Located in the heart of the city with attractions such as the Wyandotte Popcorn Museum and the Marion Tallgrass Trail, this The three bedroom home features a graceful front porch and new vinyl siding, windows and roof. Property highlights include a fenced backyard and window seating with storage. One downside is that houses adjacent to the property may be demolished by the city.

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For large families: $94,900 for this four-bedroom home in Syracuse, NY

It features a master bedroom with cathedral ceilings and a private back door. this Our recently updated 4 bedroom home in Syracuse features a new roof and newly installed floors. Syracuse is his fifth largest city in New York State and is home to the famous Syracuse University and the Everson Museum of Art, housed in a building designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei.

If you want to feel like you’re living in a garden, this 2-bedroom brick home in Macon for $98,000

Located in Macon, home to music legends such as Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers, this The two bedroom brick home sits on over half an acre of land that includes pear and pecan trees. Features of the home include a front porch, back patio, wheelchair accessible ramp, and newly renovated kitchen with granite countertops. Just an hour’s drive from Atlanta, Macon is home to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, the Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House, and the Okmulgee Mounds National Historical Park, which shows over 12,000 years of continuous human habitation. I have. While some of the exterior design choices are fairly baroque, “the new owners will be able to brighten up the space and match the cute look with curb appeal,” Gunther says. say.

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