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6 Things Recent Homebuyers Can’t Stand About Their Bathroom

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Buyer regret can come in many forms.In the aftermath of the recent real estate rush, many homebuyers willing to compromise I now wish their priorities weren’t so lax about things like down payment budgets and payments well above the asking price.

and, Recent research One in four first-time homebuyers buying a home in 2021 and 2022 regretted buying a property that required too much maintenance.

Ultimately, the underlying maintenance issues It can appear very quickly in the bathroom. This room is used often.

So red flags that were simply overlooked or considered minor fixes during the buying process, after enough time, eventually become major annoyances and problems.

We reached out to real estate experts and new homeowners to learn what they regret most about their bathrooms. Read on for insight into the problem and quick (and sometimes not-so-quick) ways to reduce pain.

1. Poor lighting

Change your everyday bathroom experience by simply changing a light bulb or two.

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It may seem crazy, but changing a light bulb or two can change your everyday bathroom experience.

Say “I bought a house a year ago” David Hampshire, CEO of Purple Egg Real Estate, which serves the Florida Panhandle and Lower Alabama. “The biggest issue was the lighting. The shower area had a single light outside the curtains that made it feel like you were showering in total darkness. After some patience, a new bright LED white bulb I tried exchanging it for

That simple swap made a big difference.

“There’s still shadows at the bottom of the shower, but it’s much brighter and I can see better,” says Hampshere.

2. Poor ventilation

If the bathroom is poorly ventilated, mold will grow quickly.

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New homeowners may discover an unwelcome intruder in their bathroom soon after moving in. It’s mold or white mold.

“If you have poor ventilation in your bathroom, mold will grow quickly,” he says. Kelly Sherin, consumer advocate for home valuation firm Ownerly. “This is an eyesore, a health hazard, and if it gets out of hand, it can cost a lot of money to fix.”

Bathroom airflow problems can be solved relatively cheaply. Install a bathroom or window exhaust fan and run it during and after the shower.If you hire an expert, this project will get you back About $350.


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3. Weak water pressure

Low pressure or insufficient flow are the biggest problems new homeowners can discover.

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When you shower for the first time in your new home, you probably have certain expectations about water pressure. And even if you turned the shower on and checked the flow before you bought the home, it’s difficult to gauge the pressure perfectly before you actually shower. After the shower you will be left disappointed.

“Low pressure or insufficient flow is the biggest problem new homeowners can discover,” he said. Grace Baena, an interior designer for Marine Used Dresser. “Replacing the showerhead is a fairly cheap and easy fix.”

Premium shower head replacements start at about $50.

4. Not enough storage

Adding storage space is easier than people think.

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No matter how big your bathroom is, you probably wish you had more places to store your items or hang your towels.

This fix is ​​easier than expected.

“I work with retirees, and many of them regret not having storage space in their bathrooms, and didn’t anticipate what kind of problem that would be. Karl Hollandhead of culture and lifestyle at retirement consulting firm Life Part 2.

“But adding storage space is easier than people think,” says Holland. “Just set up a shelf, cabinet over toilet Adding some hooks on the wall for hanging towels makes a big difference. ”

5. Unpleasant toilets

Finding out that you can’t sit comfortably on the toilet seat in your new home may be the worst surprise.

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Please file this under a very personal issue that no one wants to discuss.

“One of the biggest regrets I see is clients who say they didn’t know how nasty their new toilet would be,” he says. Robin BarrilCEO and principal designer of Signature Home Services in Keller, Texas.

“I tell all my clients to sit on the toilet before they buy,” explains Burrill. “It may feel weird in a home they’re considering buying, but it’s the worst surprise to find out it won’t be comfortable.”

But if you find a substandard experience, Burrill says you can replace the seat itself or the entire toilet.

Toilet seats start around $30 and new toilets start around $200 and can go up to $2,000 or more.

6. Obsolete

Over time, it can become increasingly difficult to live with fixtures that were installed decades ago.

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Ignoring outdated bathrooms definitely ranks high in the hierarchy that desperate homebuyers are willing to concede to get a home. It can become increasingly difficult to live with previously installed equipment.

“We love our house, but the bathroom feels really dated,” said Tara Gutman, Goldberg, New York, is an attorney at Miller & Rubin and lives in upstate New York with his family. “Shower is smaller than it is today and vanity is too low. Old jetted tub stopped working shortly after we moved in. Plus not enough storage space. Good size overall. Needs a facelift It’s just.

average bathroom remodel Cost approximately $11,237but the price depends on the scope of the project and where you live.

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