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52-unit apartment building planned near Six Points

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A local couple, Daniel and Mackenzie Pain, are making their first foray into housing development in a three-story building near Six Point. ((((Photo courtesy of Inpower Experience).

In the Six Point area on the North Side, there are even more apartments in the pipeline. Here, the first-time developer plans a 52-unit building near the confluence of six roads in the heart of Highland Park.

Clean Livin LLC submits to the city plans for a three-story building on 2906 Fifth Avenue, a one-acre site mostly wooded along Radi Street south of the intersection with East Brookland Park Boulevard. did.

LLC, which purchased the parcel in March 2021, is owned by J. Daniel and Mackenzie Pain, a local couple who first entered housing development.

The couple team owns about 12 rental units under LLC, and Daniel Payne said he was the first to set up to provide temporary housing to people in recovery from substance abuse.

In the 20th year of recovery, Payne, who heads a 12-step meeting for local prison inmates, said he was looking for a future property in Zillow when he came across a list on the Six Points site.

A south-facing view of the apartment building along Brookland Park Boulevard. ((((Documents courtesy of the City of Richmond).

“I was looking for a duplex or quadplex to buy, but I came across this acre,” said Payne, a business venture that includes Widespread Solutions, a residential and commercial paint contractor. He and Mackenzie also run The Impower Experience, a Hanover-based yoga and wellness retreat.

“I bought a house and sold it in the area. It’s kind of like Segue,” Pain said. “I’m never a trade developer, but I enjoy it.”

Payne said he was attracted to the location and the project because it could affect the location and neighborhood.

“This place is ready for a nice luxury home. It feels like such a small element of the neighborhood can really add value not only to the physical aspects of the neighborhood, but also to the spirit of the individual. I think it’s just an investment in areas that only improve space and people. “

According to city records, LLC paid $ 75,000 for the property and the city valued it at $ 44,000 that year.

He had previously provided provisional recovery housing, but Payne said the apartment would be an income-based unit that is likely to be targeted at low-income households.

The L-shaped building faces Brookland Park Boulevard and the longer one faces Radi Street.

“It’s nice to lend it only to recovery organizations, but we’ve already applied for SUP and didn’t have that designation,” Payne said. “I want to fly, but I have never packaged an apartment of this size.”

This project requires special permissions. This is not allowed for single-family homes or duplexes in the current R-6 zoning district. Baker Development Resources’ Mark Baker and Charlie Wilson represent Paynes in a SUP request submitted in December and being processed for review by the Planning Commission and the City Council.

Planned by architect Todd Dykshorn, an L-shaped building partially surrounds the parking lot, with 52 spaces, 34 of which are underground. These spaces are partly below the building and can be accessed by slopes. The 18 surface compartments, on the other hand, are perpendicular to the alley running along the west side of the site and provide access to parking.

The unimproved right of way on Fifth Avenue along the eastern side of the building provides residents with the comfort of a green space, and there are several units with balconies overlooking the space. Apartments range in size from 660 to 915 square feet and have 35 one-bedroom, one-bathroom units, 17 two-bedroom and two-bathrooms.

Payne did not share a cost estimate for a project that he is aiming to start in the first quarter of next year, awaiting city approval. He said it is likely that it will take 8-12 months to complete the project. No contractor has been selected.

The three-story building has a total of 52 apartments with balconies.

After graduating from VMI, Payne studied economics and business and played rugby before graduating in 1999. He said he was suffering from addiction until he began to recover in 2002 and led to current business opportunities. The three 44-year-old fathers encourage others to follow his path.

“There was a time when I was completely desperate until I found a recovery journey in September 2002,” he said. “I continue to recover close to my heart, and in that desperate state, I want everyone to know that it is definitely a viable option and available to all of us. There is nothing possible or unattainable. I am the product of it. “

This project will add to the investment in other apartments in and around Six Point.

A few blocks to the west, enterprise community development Under planning 1203 E. Brookland Park Blvd, a 43-unit apartment with commercial space on the ground floor.The site is across the street and the enterprise Under planning 1218-1228 66 unit apartment in E. Brookland Park Blvd.

Company, Converted The former Highland Park Public School will now have 77 apartments for low-income seniors and may also reduce the age requirements for these units so that 80% of those units can be rented to people over the age of 55. I am aiming. The change request is set to go in front of the city council on Monday.

Southern Highland Park is planned by Dorado Capital developer Harstucker A dozen modern design town homes 2705 ​​Fifth Avenue issued a dismantling permit for the project earlier this month.

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