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500-Foot Tower Coming To Upper East Side Corner, Plans Show

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UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — According to newly filed plans, the developer is building what appears to be the tallest building ever built north of 72nd Street, 535 feet high on the corner of the Upper East Side. plans to build a condominium tower.

Naftali Group submitted plans to the city on Thursday for a new tower at 255 East 77th St. on the corner of Second Avenue. Naftali paid $72.6 million last year. Acquired 5 low-rise buildings Located in the south corner of the block, started destroying them Earlier this year.

Replacing them will be a 36-story tower containing just 55 apartments, according to plans submitted to the Building Department.it suggests a continuation of Recent Neighborhood Trendswhere dense low-rise apartment buildings are demolished and replaced with sparsely populated luxury towers.

In fact, in this case, the two buildings on 1481-1489 Second Avenue that once occupied the site had a total of 63 apartments, equivalent to the net loss of housing once the new towers were built, according to city records. To do.

At 535 feet tall, the new building will outshine the recently constructed luxury condominium tower. 180 East 88 St.at 524 feet, explained The tallest building in Manhattan north of 72nd Street.

designed by Hill West Architects — same company behind 270 foot tower Planned on the other corner of 2nd Avenue. The tower will also include approximately 4,000 square feet of retail space and 33 indoor parking spaces.

Naftali did not immediately answer questions about when construction would begin or how long it would last. The company’s other projects include benson, a 21-story tower on Madison Avenue.Another 39 story tower 200 East 83rd St.and intentional 18 stories on the upper west side holdout tenant.

The buildings that once occupied the 2nd Avenue site now house Sable’s, Vero Wine Bar, Lenwich, sports bar Stax NYC, and an MRI clinic in a one-story building on the corner of East 77th Street. did.

Before demolition began, the process of emptying the building was not always smooth.Last year, Vero Wine Bar filed a lawsuit against the landlord at the time At 1483 Second Ave., he claimed to have made violent threats to drive them away in order to sell the building.

Photos filed in court last year by the owner of the Vero Wine Bar show the restaurant’s front door being smashed in February 2020, allegedly forcing the landlord to vacate the building. (New York District Court)

Vero’s owner claimed that the landlord, Benjamin Ohevshalom, personally destroyed the vegetation surrounding the outdoor dining establishment. According to the lawsuit, another unidentified man showed up at one of the restaurateur’s homes and told him, “You better give up this place or you’ll end up behind a garbage truck.” Said.

Vero and his landlord finally reached $375,000 settlement Last fall, weeks before Oeves Shalom’s company sold the building, Oeves Shalom agreed to waive $208,000 in outstanding rent, according to court records. plan a new location It’s on Second Avenue near East 60th Street.

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