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5 cool places in America where you can still buy a home for less than $200,000

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High home prices in many parts of the country can hesitate to invest in real estate. Good news? I’ve found lots of cool towns and cities where you can find lots of homes under $ 200,000. Here are five of our top picks.

If you need a thriving food scene: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Tulsa became a boomtown in the early 1900s when oil was discovered in a nearby community. The resulting money led to a flood of skyscrapers and city buildings built in the Art Deco style. Today, the city still retains some of its splendor, and the downtown area has recently been flooded with funding, including the $ 51 million development, including apartments and hotels. On weekends, visit the Philbrook Museum of Art, which has an exemplary collection of Native American art. 25 acres of Philbrook Gardens recently named “Oklahoma’s Most Beautiful Place” by House Beautiful magazine. Or the Woody Guthrie Center, which hosts exhibitions that tell the history of American music. Watch a ball game played by the minor league team Tulsa Drillers or visit Green Park, a 100-acre land along the Arkansas River. Enjoy a fusion of Southern and Midwestern traditional cuisine, including fried chicken at Wanda J’s and a chef’s tasting menu at Farmbar, which emphasizes Oklahoma’s agricultural cuisine. You can buy it for less than $ 200,000 this A stylish English-style house, or this A 4-bedroom house with a large back deck.

Average house price: $ 186,655
population: 411,401
Cost of living: 16.8% lower than the US average

If you want to feel a small town near the sea: Cambridge, Maryland

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Used as a model for the town in James Michener’s novel, the waterfront town has been working to revitalize downtown in recent years. This includes making the area easier to walk and holding an annual New Year’s Eve boat drop. This includes dropping a replica of the workboat onto a 60-foot ramp. Located on the Choptank River, just north of the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Cambridge is about a two-hour drive from Washington, DC, and is the birthplace of the legendary underground railroad conductor Harriet Tubman. It is also close to the land of. Her history is commemorated at the town’s Harriet Tubman Museum and Education Center. The local cuisine is highly seafood based and features restaurant highlights such as the Ocean Odyssey Clubhouse and Restaurant and Snappers Waterfront Cafe + Tiki Bar. With a budget of $ 200,000, you will have plenty of housing options, including: this With a charming 3-bedroom Cape Cod-style home near downtown this A historic three-bedroom house built in 1918.

Average house price: $ 18,142
population: 13,097
Cost of living: 15.9% lower than the US average

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If you are raising a family: Des Moines, Iowa

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The capital of Iowa, the city boasts 4,000 acres of green space, 81 miles of trails, and a historic East Village with more than 90 restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The city is also ideal for families with young children, offering attractions such as Iowa’s Science Center, Blank Park Zoo, and Iowa State Fairgrounds, which hosts year-round events. Enjoy a regular meal at the famous Jessro barbecue or a drink at the high-life lounge called “Bar Champagne”. Known for being LGBTQ + friendly, the city has many options for housing for less than $ 200,000. this Only two-fifths bedroom ranch, just two-fifths of downtown in the city This rRecently refurbished artisan style 3 bedroom.

Average house price: $ 19,340
population: 212,031
Cost of living: 18.8% lower than the US average

If you want to set up your own company: Winston Salem, NC

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Winston Salem was named one of the “Rising Southern Best Cities” by Southern Living in 2021 and has been seriously committed to attracting entrepreneurs, artists and inventors in recent years. Innovation Quarter is a city with 90 companies, 1,000 residents, five academic institutions (including Wake Forest University), a myriad of community-based art projects, restaurants, cafes, and a green promenade dotted with galleries. The area. On weekends, there’s a lot to do, such as the Old Salem Museum and Gardens, which commemorates the region’s colonial history, and Kaleidium North, which has a planetarium. The city is proud of the food scene, including two restaurants where the chef has recently been nominated for the James Beard Awards, Sweet Potatoes and Mission Pizza Napoletana.The average price of a house is over $ 200,000, but it includes that amount this Recently refurbished 3 bedroom with large screen in pouch this 3 bedroom cottage.

Average house price: $ 231,727
population: 250,320
Cost of living: 18.7% lower than the US average

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If you want to live in a big city: Houston, Texas

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While many of the country’s largest cities are affordable for bargain hunters, Houston, the fourth most populous city in the United States, remains outlier. In fact, despite a 20% rise in metropolis home prices over the past year, Houston has more than 1,000 homes in Zillow for less than $ 200,000.You will have a hard time finding something you can’t Consider that Houston has 52,912 acres of park space as well as theaters, museums and historic districts. Located in Galveston Bay, the city has ample sea access, including East Beach and Galveston Island State Park. You can buy it for less than $ 200,000 a The new three-bedroom home is just a few miles from the inner loop of the city, or this A recently upgraded 3-bedroom brick house.

Average house price: $ 270,365
population: 2,288,250
Cost of living: 3.5% lower than the US average

Source: The best places in Sperling and Zillow.

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