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5 cool beach towns where you can buy a house for $250,000 or less

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Vieques, Puerto Rico.

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As mortgage rates continue to rise, affordability of homes is becoming an increasingly challenging issue for buyers. ((((You can see here the lowest rates you may qualify.. ) Good news? Throughout the United States, I’ve found some cool beach towns where you can buy a home for less than $ 250,000. Of course, you need to consider issues such as the risk of floods and hurricanes, and the high cost of homeowners insurance in many beach towns.

If you need a weekend home near New York: Villas, NJ

Located on the southern tip of New Jersey, where Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, Villas has a rural town atmosphere with plenty of beach access. The town itself has attractions such as the Cox Hall Creek WMA, a nature reserve. There are plenty of hiking trails and Miami Beach is the perfect place to watch the sunset. In addition, it is less than 3 hours from New York City.

Wildwood is just 9 miles east of the town. Wildwood is on the Jersey Shore, with a 38-block promenade, rides and roller coasters, and you can swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Expect traditional pub food at restaurants such as the villa’s Jakes Bar & Grill and Castaway Café. More luxury dining options are available 8 miles south of Cape May. With a budget of $ 250,000, the villa has many options, including: this A recently refurbished 600 sq ft, two bedroom home, and this A cozy home with a lovely garden just 3 blocks from Miami Beach in New Jersey.

Median Home Prices: $ 314,295
Population: 9,134
Living expenses: 10.5% lower than the US average

Source: Zillow; The best place for Sperling

If you need a quaint seaside experience: Apalachicola, Florida

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Apalachicola is a small town surrounded by the Florida Panhandle estuary system. The town boasts more than 900 historic homes built in the 1830s, as well as a historic center with numerous art galleries, boutiques, restaurants and music venues. Relax on the white sands of St. George Island, a barrier island that protects Appalachola from the Gulf, or board a boat on the freshwater river that surrounds the city for fishing and birdwatching. Taste local shrimp and oysters at the Historic District Station Rover before heading to the Old Time Soda Fountain for ice cream served in the original 1950s interior.buy a A three-bedroom home with a back deck, or a two-bedroom home that needs repairs well below the $ 250,000 budget. Like most parts of the Gulf of Mexico, Apalachicola is vulnerable to hurricanes and was severely damaged during the 2018 Hurricane Michael.

Median Home Prices: $ 250,728
Population: 2,572
Living expenses: 13.9% lower than the US average

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If you need southern hospitality: Pascagoula, Mississippi

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The birthplace of singer Jimmy Buffett, the city is located about 20 miles east of Biloxi, on the shores of the Gulf, halfway between Pensacola and New Orleans, home to the bustling shipping industry and Chevron’s largest US oil refinery. Rolls-Royce facility. Enjoy fishing and swimming at Pasca Gura Beach Park, bike down the Pas Kagu La Historic Bike Trail, and many historic homes in the city, including the Round Island Lighthouse and where Jimmy Buffett lived when he was young. You can see... Enjoy locally-caught seafood at Bozo’s seafood market and Fat and Happy Oyster House.You will have many options including this because it is less than your budget big A three-bedroom brick house with a wooden shed, or a A 5-bedroom house in a family-friendly neighborhood. Prepare for a very hot and humid summer and a lively hurricane season.

If you need a literal paradise: Median Home Prices: $119,909
Population: 21,732 22,010
Living expenses: 21.1% lower than the US average

If you need a cold beach and a distant atmosphere: Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Off the coast of Puerto Rico, Vieques is home to incredibly gorgeous white sands, hidden coves, wild horses and the world’s brightest bioluminescent bay, Mosquito Bay. When you arrive by plane or boat from the mainland of Puerto Rico, you really feel like you’re in paradise. There are countless beaches on the island, and you can enjoy horseback riding and cocktails on the rooftop of Elbrock, a marvel of grid-like concrete architecture right next to the beach. Enjoy local seafood and traditional Puerto Rican cuisine at restaurants such as La Gran Parada and El Resuelve. Buy you with a budget of $ 250,000 3 bedroom concrete House A distant view of the sea, or this The charming one-bedroom house is just a few blocks from the beach. Be prepared to pay more for basic necessities such as groceries as the islands are far away. Also note that certain beaches are not yet accessible to the general public, as Vieques was used by the U.S. military as a practice for targeting live ammunition. Over 60 years.

Median home prices: $ 235,000
population: 8,249
Cost of living: 6.22% lower than the US average (Puerto Rico as a whole)

If you need part of Texas: Port Isabel, Texas

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Just north of the United States-Mexico border, Port Isabel is on the edge of a causeway leading to South Padre Island, Texas’s only tropical island. The town has ample access to the white sands of the Gulf and the lagoons, wildlife sanctuaries and canals that make up the region’s geography. For less than $ 300,000, you can buy a waterfront home on one of the many deep-sea canals in town. this One bedroom with a spacious covered patio, this Recently updated 1 bedroom. In addition to golf courses, beaches, boating activities and waterfront restaurants, the town also has a historic lighthouse, flea market and history museum. Enjoy delicious local seafood at Los Tortugo’s Seafood Market and Joe’s Oyster Bar. However, keep in mind that this area is vulnerable to hurricanes.

Median Home Prices: $ 238,724
Population: 5,094
Living expenses: 24.5% lower than the national average

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