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3 Reasons I Wouldn’t Buy a Home in an HOA

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HOA is not for me because of the rules involved.

Key Point

  • Owning a home with an HOA has certain advantages.
  • Not a setting I’m comfortable using due to possible limitations.

One time, when my husband and I were considering buying a vacation home (the housing market situation and mortgage interest rate soared), we came across a property that seemed very suitable.

There was just one problem. HoaAnd that alone was enough for us to pass.

Now, owning a home in an HOA has certain advantages.In many cases, you don’t have to do any exterior maintenance yourself. monthly feeThis can potentially save a lot of time-related tasks like mowing the lawn or removing snow.

In addition, some HOAs offer extensive amenities. One of the reasons I don’t own a house with a pool is that I live in the Northeast and the amount of money I spend maintaining a pool is worth two months of swimming out of it. Because there is no However, HOA houses have friends who have access to swimming pools that you don’t have to maintain yourself. This is a nice perk during the summer.

However, despite the potential benefits of purchasing an HOA, I would never consider joining one myself. And I’ll give you three main reasons.

1. I want the option to freely design my own exterior

Some HOAs are more restrictive than others. But I’ve certainly heard of his HOA about wanting all the homes in development to look the same from the outside. It’s not what I get excited about. If you want to paint your door bright yellow or plant exotic bushes outside your home, I think you should have that right. I have.

2. I want the option to work from home

I work from home full time. It’s an arrangement you can’t let go of. But HOA could potentially force me.

Some HOAs prohibit workers from conducting business outside their homes. Currently my business is writing content on my laptop. This doesn’t bother my neighbors and usually doesn’t involve a constant stream of visitors coming in and out of my door. So a HOA that bans home businesses might still allow me to continue doing what I’m doing now. But in the end, I can’t take that risk.

3. I love dogs and want to help my favorite animals

Some HOAs ban animals entirely, while others ban large dogs or certain breeds. As an approximately 75-pound lab owner who loves giant dogs, I refuse to land in a situation where I can’t raise or adopt an animal because the HOA doesn’t allow it. If you fall in love with a bright-eyed pitbull, you need the option to take one home if you can.

Some people like to participate in HOA. But at the end of the day, if you’re paying a lot for a house, you don’t want to be told what to do with it. So I would like to limit the search to properties that are not part of the HOA.

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