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200-Year-Old Manhattan Townhouse Hits the Market for $7.5 Million

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19th century Manhattan Townhouse It hit the market on Tuesday for $ 7.5 million — for the first time since the 1990s.

According to Jeff Brenner of Sotheby’s International Realty’s Downtown Manhattan Lower College, the “rarely available” 21-foot-wide home on Globe Street in Greenwich Village boasts a groundbreaking position.

The house is part of a group of landmark houses on Grove Street, built in the Greek Revival style between 1825 and 1834, according to the 1966 New York Community Trust Plaque.

Houses are “typical of houses built in New York in the early 19th century … the simplicity of their design is usually enhanced by rich doorways,” Plaque reads.

According to Brenner, this particular townhouse retains its characteristics, but important areas such as kitchens and bathrooms have been modernized.

“Owners put a lot of energy and effort into keeping their homes as original as possible,” he said. “It’s very gorgeous with the original 200-year-old wooden floor.”

They also paid attention to the decoration and chose furniture, wallpaper and paint colors to give guests and residents a “feeling of being at home in the 1800s”. It’s a very special atmosphere, “Brenner said. He added that most of the furniture can be included in the transaction.

The appearance of the townhouse that became a landmark.


According to the list, the townhouse has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms on four floors. At the entry level, there is a two-room living area with two fireplaces and a greenhouse leading to a private garden. Downstairs there is a modern kitchen and dining area with access to the garden and a bathroom.

History Bonus Bit: The wine cellar was made from an old New York City tunnel.

“It’s the least attractive part of the house, but the most interesting part,” Brenner said. “When you open the door, you’ll be hit by this cold air explosion.”

According to the list, there are two bedrooms and one bathroom on the third floor, with the primary bedroom suite with arched ceiling and walk-in closet occupying the top level. Two of the bedrooms offer views of the private gardens and the historic townhouses of the Condominium Complex Globe Court.

The house is also “very quiet … it’s just very soundproof from the way it was built,” Brenner said.

Demand for townhouses in New York City is strong Since the beginning of the pandemic, city dwellers have sought more space. Brenner has already received some inquiries on the list, including prominent writers and CEOs among the callers. Most people are intrigued by this mansion and there seems to be no plans to further modernize it.

“It’s an eclectic group that is interested in tamper-proof assets,” he said. “So far, they’re obsessed with their timeless look.”

The house was last traded in 1994, but Mansion Global couldn’t determine how much it sold at the time. The current owner could not comment.

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