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140 apartments planned for rural, wooded area of Norton Shores

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Muskegon, Michigan – According to the developers, the large apartments planned in the woodlands south of Norton Shores are partly designed to meet the needs of the elderly.

The 140-unit complex is planned for 21 acres of wooded areas south of Judson Road and west of Grand Haven Road.

According to information provided to the city of Norton Shores, the plan requires 35 four apartments, 21 of which are single-story and 14 of which are two-story townhouses.

This complex, tentatively called the Eight 15 Apartment, was developed by Smith Development at Spring Lake. The developer also built a platinum pine apartment on Quarterline Road in Fruitport Township.

Gary Smith, founder and president of Smith Development, said the building was designed to look like a condominium, and one-story units need to meet the needs of older people in particular.

“We recognize the need for an aging community,” Smith told MLive. “There is a great demand for units on the main floor and we can’t fill them right now.”

According to Smith, the one-story unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Half of the two-story unit has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the other half has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The plan is to have one private garage and one parking space in each apartment. The drawing shows a townhouse with a one-story driveway with its own driveway and two shared driveways leading to individual garages.

According to Smith, the first unit should be available by the end of 2023.

The Norton Shores City Council approved a special license on May 17 to allow the construction of high-density projects in the planned unit housing development area. The Planning Committee granted special land use and site planning approval on May 10.

“This development will provide more housing for Norton Shores residents, especially in areas where we have never seen housing development of this magnitude,” said Norton Shores Plan and Zoning Manager Ted Woodcock, a city plan. I am writing a memo to the committee members.

This project requires approval from the Muskegon Water Resources Commission, formerly known as the Drainage Commission, and the Michigan Department of Environment and Great Lakes Energy.

This project involves the reconstruction of part of the Judson Road, which is currently unpaved in the area. It will also run the water and sewage mains to Judson and connect to the existing mains on Grand Haven Road. Developer engineer Bruce A. Karen wrote to the city authorities.

“Trees are stored in a viable location and grading of the site does not damage the root system,” Callen wrote.

Smith Development is also planning a 7,600-square-foot office and warehousing facility adjacent to the corner of the Grand Haven and Judson roads to serve apartments.

The planning committee approved the site plan for the facility on May 10.

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